Judges at Saarlouis European Championships & World Cups 2011

Judges and FAI Officials

Top row, left to right: Bernard Garsault, AE, Dirk Venter, FS, Steiner Lillas Freestyle EJ AE, Ron Miasnikov, AE.

2nd row, left to right: Graeme Windsor, Jury President, Scott Smith, Freefly EJ AE, Thierry Courtin, FS, Zeljko Tanaskovic, FS, Channel Gibbens Robinson 8-way & VFS EJ, FS, Ray Williams, AE

3rd row, left to right: Sara Sachet, Jury Member, Gill Rayner (Winter) Jury Member, Raija Kosonen, AE, Doris Merz, 4-way EJ FS, Lova Bannister Kvarnsmyr, AE, Peta Holmes, FS, Elisabet Pettersson, CJ, FS, Ruth Cooper, FS, Karla Cole, Assistant to the CJs

Front, left to right: Sylvia Wagner, IPC Controller, Gundel Klement, FS, Rina Gallo, FS, Alia Ananina, CJ AE

Ever wondered what the Judges do when not at a competition? Check out Rina Gallo (FS Judge)'s web site: www.mistralmm.com