Jury Response to Protest - 4 August 2011 Saarlouis, European Championships & World Cups 2011

IPC JURY NOTICE                                                                                               DATE : Augus t 4th 2011

TIME : 17h50                                            MEETING N° : 2

The President convened a Jury meeting as a Protest from the Dutch 4-way team Whoops was received within the time limit.

The Dutch Head of Delegation and Mechie Voermans were invited to expand on their protest.

The Chief Judge was then requested to comment on the exercise of her discretion. She confirmed that she had denied the rejump as it was requested after the evaluation of the jump and that during the evaluation she had confirmed with the judges that the video images were judgeable.

 The Jury considered the evidence provided by both the Team and the Chief Judge and decided that the rules had been followed correctly and the Protest was denied.


Graeme Windsor Jury President

Protest page 1

Protest page 2Ptotest score sheet