August 5th Friday, Saarlouis European Championships & World Cups 2011

9.00 am start, but the clouds are low - there are signs that it will improve and all team s are on standby.

Yesterday the Jury had to consider a protest from the Dutch 4-way team. Details can be found under the Jury page..

10.50 and the sky starts to clear - 15 min call for 4-way.

12.45 - a good morning, we have just had a 15min call for the final round of the 4-way Female event.

14.54 and the results of the 4-Way Female results are out: 1st place to France, France Aerodyne Deep Blue Defenders with a total of 189 points (average 18.9): second place, Russia, Illusions with 167 points - having had a disasterous final round losing 8 points, with Norway, Polaris in third place with 161 points. Congratulations to all the teams.

It is all happening really fast now - 15.25 and we have a result in the Artistic Events Freestyle competition: First France, France Akrostyle; second France, Solaris and in third place Great Britain, Airkix Freestyle - a close contest and congratulations to all the performers.

15.52 and the Freefly competition is over. France, again take first place with France 1 Kristal, Norway is second with 42 Freefly, 0.3 points behind - now that is a close contest. Russia's Tunnel Rats came third. The Artistic Events new rules were tried at this competition and seem to have been a success with both competitors and judges. After an early evening break for the weather 4 and 8 way continued. The Round 7 8-way looked as if it had record possibilities - the German team did get a national record with 22 points. The French team flew to 29 points, but the USA had an untidy round scoring 25 with 1 penalty. The 8th round of 8 way was judged as it got dark - USA scored 20 points and France 21 - tomorrow should be a very exciting day!

 France Kristal