August 6th, Saturday, Saarlouis European Championships & World Cup 2011

Waiting for France6th August, Saturday: 9.00 start, but misty cloud yet to burn off. We have the semi-final and final round of 8 way and Round 8 of 4 before the cut for the semi-final and then final rounds. 9.15 first 15 minutes call for 4-way and 8-way.

France retain their lead over Belgium by 3 points at the end of the semi-final round, with the Germans in third place.

>Bronze medal winners!12.40 and the last round of 4-way open is judged in front of an appreciative crowd. Congratulations are due to the French for their win - to Hayabusa for a storming last round and clean 39 points and to Germany for the bronze medal. A first for Germany, on the podium at a World Cup and European Championships in 4-way. Now for the 8-way!

Will the Golden Knights deny France a clean sweep? Just one point seperates them. Semi-final and Final to go.

13.20 - due to the weather, rain clouds building overhead - the 8-way will end after the 9th Round.

As the French team and the Golden Knights land the skies open with a tremendous rain storm. No one is on the benches to watch the big screen! At the end of round 9 U.S.A.'s Golden Knights are one point ahead of France Aerodyne Maubeuge.

We are now waiting on the decision of the organisation as to whether we will go for round 10 or not. It all depends on the weather. 1500 hrs - the competition is over. So the USA Golden Knights are the Gold Medal Winners in the World Cup, France, Aerodyne Maubeuge, Silver and Sky Panthers Barkli, Russia Bronze - in the European Championships - France, Gold, Russia, Silver and Germany, Bronze.

Congratulations to everyone for a great competition - competitors, judges and organisers and the army of volunteer workers.

Check out the video from the links.