2007 WC's & EC's in Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events, Stupino, 5 Aug - 12 Aug.

Saturday, 11th August 2007 11.30 hrs the World Cup and European Championships 2007 - Stupino, Russia was declared closed. The FUN flag reappeared with the French Female 4-way Team at the prize-giving. The Award Ceremony was marred by the non appearance of the Bronze Medal winners of the World Cup in 4-way Formation Skydiving, Sky Panters and as the Russian Team for the European Championships, for "technical" reasons. I have now had time to load all the pictures I have - I am sorry if I missed your team, please forward any pictures to me for inclusion on the site - freefall ones would be nice! Thank you to Jan Meyers (Omniskore) and Archie from the French Delegation for their pics.