1st Jury Notice - Prostejov, August 2009

Date: 31st August 2009

Time: 15:58

Meeting No: 1


Pål Bergan: Jury President

Alberto Martin Paracuellos: Jury Member

Niels-Christian Levin Hansen: Jury Member


Jiri Blaska: Meet Director

Rina Gallo: Chief Judge Formation Skydiving

Alya Ananina: Chief Judge Artistic Events

Reinier “Exi” Hoenle: FAI Controller

Item 1 – Judging Report

Chief Judge AE Alya Ananina and Chief Judge FS Rina Gallo reported to the Jury that they were ready to start the competition. They confirmed that all judging equipment was ready to start the events and that each judging team was complete and ready.

Item 2 – FAI Controller Report

The FAI Controller, Reinier “Exi” Hoenle, gave his report to the Jury. The deposit had been paid to the FAI in proper time. The provisional FAI Sanction fee had been paid to the FAI and the FAI Controller has a copy of the transfer receipt in his files

The 4-way Female European Formation Skydiving Championships have participation of three NAC’s. According to SC 5 4.10.2 the title of Winner will be use rather than Champion for this event.

The FAI Controller reported that the state of organisation readiness is satisfactory.

Item 3 – Meet Director Report

The Meet Director reported to the Jury that he was ready to start.

The Jury decided that the conditions in SC 5 4.5.1 had been met, and subsequently gave approval to start the competition.

The Organiser was informed of the Jury decision.

Meeting closed at 16:16



Jury President

Pål Bergan