2nd DIPC&GC 2011 - Diary

The first parachuting competition of the year looks as though it is going to be a very large one.  At the close of  registration there were 201 athletes from 30 Nations competing in Accuracy; 90 athletes from 23 Nations in Canopy Piloting and 26 Formation Skydiving teams including 6 Female, making a total of 419 athletes and 41 Nations represented.  News, reports and results from the competition will be published on this web site, http://www.ipc-wcresults.org.uk/ as well as the competition web site:  http://www.emiratesaviation.org/

16th January 2011

This is the last time we will see this sign on our way to the Competition. Today is the final day.  The weather looks good and the first aircraft is in the air at 08.30 with a "classic" accuracy siki (drifter) load.  Accuracy will then continue with the final teams in Round 8.  Canopy Piloting with the last round of "zone" accuracy following around 10.00.  

Things never do quite go to plan - after Round 8 "classic" accuracy conintued with the semi-final but the winds played tricks with direction and strength, making it very difficult for the competitors.  The 'classic' Accuracy Competition was called whilst the Canopy Piloting "zone" Accuracy continued with the third and final round. However, at 14.00 hrs the round was not completed and the end of competition jumping was declared by the Meet Director.

The preparations are now being made for the prize giving and Closing Ceremony.

15th January 2011

A dramatic start this morning with the siki (drifter) lift blown all over the place, two in the water  -  testing the emergency boats, and  one on the roof of the judges' tent.  All were safe, if a little embarrassed!

Maybe they were thinking of entering the CP Freestyle Event.

The Competitors are on Standby  At 15.15 hrs after another Classic Accuracy "spread landing" siki (drifter) load - the Canopy Pilots were called for Round 3 of Speed.  The winds were good and we had some interesting and good times.  

Then finally the Classic Accuracy jumpers got into the air for the start of their Round 8.  It is a beautiful afternoon here, however the winds got up again in the evening.  There are several teams left to jump their round 8 in the morning.

All jumping will stop tomorrow at 14.00 hrs and the Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony will commence at 16.00 hrs.   

14th January 2011

Judges ready for CP Freestyle

Winds are down and it is all happening today. Streamer load at 8.30 and first call for CP at 9.00 with the Speed rejump - the course was set up for the one run. CP Freestyle competitors are called for 10.00 start.

After a busy morning round 1 of Canopy Piloting Freestyle completed, as was the final round of Formation Skydiving. Round 6 of Accuracy completed also and at 3.00 the second round of Canopy Piloting Freestyle commenced.

By the end of the day, Round 7 Accuracy completed. So tomorrow - first lift - start of Round 8 "classic" Accuracy - then 3rd and last round Canopy Piloting, Speed, followed by the Semi-Final Round in Accuracy. The afternoon will start with Canopy Piloting, 3rd round of "zone" Accuracy and then the Final of "classic" Accuracy. Meanwile the Formation Skydivers will be practicing for the "large" formation planned for the Closing Ceremony and Prize-giving on Sunday.

Results: http://www.ipc-wcresults.org.uk/Dubai_results.html

Competition site: http://www.emiratesaviation.org/

13th January 2011

Competitors meeting at 8.40 to cover the rules and conduct of the Canopy Piloting Freestyle Event, and then another look at the wind situation at 10.00.  At least this morning it is not as strong as yesterday!   

The plan is to complete the one rejump for CP, Speed and then go into the Freestyle Event.  Classic Accuracy and Formation Skydiving will continue with their events as well.

10.00 am and everyone stood down until 13.00 .. looks like today will be a repeat of yesterday.  At least everyone gets a chance to shop and sightsee and there is plenty to see and do here in Dubai.   Some of the judges and competitors have even been skiing!

13.00 hrs - the winds have not reduced so the competition is stood down until 8.30 tomorrow morning - with the hope of running the same programme.

12th January 2011

08.30hrs and still the wind blows - the DZ looks a little desolate at the moment.  We are all "tied" to the ground!    

Even the Bedouin tent is deserted.  Yesterday this was a great place to stop and explore elements of  Dubai cultural history.  Here it is possible to have a traditional "tattoo" with a special henna paint;  or watch the women cooking traditional "snacks".  The falcons watch all that is going on around them.

11.30 hrs

Stood down until 14.00 hrs.  When (weather permitting) we move to Formation Skydiving and Accuracy (or just FS) - there is one rejump for Canopy Piloting Speed, and then we will do one round of Canopy Piloting Freestyle - this will be a first.

14.30 hrs

So the winds are still with us, so the total competition is stood down until 8.30 tomorrow morning.  There is a CP competitors briefing on Freestyle at 8.40.