3rd Dubai International Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup 2011 - Daily Diary - 5th December

Day 5 - Windy!



The programme was to start Canopy Piloting Accuracy this morning, but the wind changed all that.  A long standby period was only interrupted by the Canopy Formation Teams coming back ftom their jumps onto the local Racecourse.  They quietly completed rounds 6 and 7 leaving the final round only to be done.  The 2-way competition currently has Russia National Team in first, followed by Australia 2nd and France 3rd.  In 4-way sequential, France are in the lead with Russia second and the USA third.   4-way Rotations have Russia leading with France second and Kazakhstan in third.

At 3.15 the Canopy Piloting competitors were released for the day, and by 4.00 the Accuracy continued, completing round 5 of the Individual and Team Female event, and the start of the Male Individual and Open Team event, round 6.


Photographs courtesy of Nicole Bradfield "On Snap Photography", herewith the Canadian Delegations, as a photographer.

 FAI Results Poster

An even earlier start in the morning with 7.40 lift off for Canopy Piloting Accuracy.  Let us hope we have less dramatic landings: