3rd FAI Junior European Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Parachuting Championships, Kikinda, Siberia, 18-28 August 2011-Daily Diary

These articles appeared on the "old" FAI Website, and have now been moved to this new one.

Day 8 - 28th August

While temperatures soared during competition the weather conditions remained favourable right to the end. How lucky we were - the day after competition finished wind speeds increased to strong and gusty. As this was a day off for relaxing catching up on e-mails and taking in some of the beautiful sights around Kikinda no one was particularly concerned. The closing ceremony was held in the evening of the 27th in the town square beside the hotel - which was an ideal setting and convenient for the competitors. The summer evening provided a great atmosphere and as the ceremony got underway the square filled with people. We were treated to a spectacle of athletes, colour and the stirring sound of the anthems as they were played. The grand finale being the fireworks display, to be followed by a rock band which played well into the wee small hours of morning. Today we say goodbye to Kikinda and the wonderful people we met there.hangar doors

volunteersWe thank the organiser and Meet Director Nika Adamov, assisted by Marco Procikevic and their team of hardworking volunteers for providing us with a professional and well run competition. We leave with good memories of Kikinda which will remain in our hearts for years to come.

Report and photographs provided by, Lindy Rochow-Williams, Jury Member.

My sincere thanks go to Lindy for providing the Kikinda link with reports and photographs for this web site, and Fay Kimble for her tireless work on the results portal.

Day 6 & 7 – 26th and 27th August

Looking forward to the Closing Ceremony and Medal presentations this evening after a very successful competition.

Congratulations to all our new European Champions in the 6th FAI European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships :

Men's Style

Gold - Philippe Valois. France
Silver - Jiri Gecnuk, Czech Republic

Bronze - Alexey Buerenin, Russia.

Men's Accuracy

Gold - Jiri Gecnuk, Czech Republicthe winner Mens Accuracy

Silver - Thomas Jeannerot, France

Bronze - Philippe Valois. France

Men's Overall

Gold - Jiri Gecnuk, Czech Republic

Silver - Philippe Valois. France

  Bronze - Dimitry Maximov, Russia

 Men's Team Accuracy

Gold - Czech Republic

  Silver - France

 Bronze - Italy

Women's Style

Gold - Liubov Ekshikeeva, Russia

Silver - Olga Lepezina, Russia 

Bronze - Svetlana Klenina, Russia

Women's Accuracy

Gold - Deborah Plat-Ferrand, France

 Silver - Irena Avbelj, Slovenia

Bronze - Maja Sajovic, Slovenia

 Women's Overall

Gold - Liubov Ekshikeeva, Russia

 Silver - Olga Lepezina, Russia

  Bronze - Maja Sajovic, Slovenia

 Women's Team Accuracy

Gold - Russia

  Silver - Belarus

  Bronze - Poland

Congratulations to all our new European Champions in the 3rd FAI Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships

Men's Style

Gold - Anton Bystrov, Belarus

 Silver - Raphael Lautenbacher, Germany

  Bronze - Maksim Rubtcov, Russia

Men's Accuracy

Gold - Ilia Pozdniakov, Belarus

Silver - Michael Grossegger, Austria

  Bronze - Maksim Rubtcov, Russia

Men's Overall

Gold - Maksim Rubtcov, Russia

Silver - Raphael Lautenbacher, Germany 

Bronze - Anton Bystrov, Belarus

Women's Style

Gold - Taisya Krivoshchekova, Russia

Silver - Khrystsina Khlopina, Belarus 

Bronze - Galina Orlenko, Russia

  Women's Accuracy

Gold - Taisya Krivoshchekova, Russia

Silver -Galina Orlenko.Russia 

Bronze - Viktoryia Saldatava, Belarus

Women's Overall

Gold - Taisya Krivoshchekova, Russia

  Silver -Galina Orlenko. Russia

  Bronze - Khrystsina Khlopina, Belarus

 In addition to her World Record (Competition), Deborah Plat-Ferrand has also broken her own World Record (Performance) of 8th Oct, 2009 - 6 consecutive "00" + 02cm. with 6 consecutive "00" + 01cm. 26th

Internet connection problems on the Dropzone has meant no reports have reached us. The competition is now over and Lindy will try, from the Hotel to let us have an update and some photographs.

here was a Medal Presentation on the 24th August and a series of pictures is added below. The final Medal Presentation will take place on 27th August at the Closing Ceremony.

24th August – day 4Kikinda2011-Deborah Ferraud

Yesterday a new World Record has been made, and we congratulate Deborah Plat-Ferraud from Francefor her outstanding performance of scoring eight "00" and a total score of 003 cm across 10 rounds to become the new World Record holder and the new European Champion in Women's Accuracy.

An important component of any competition is, of course, the volunteers, and in Kikinda the volunteers have worked tirelessly with great dedication.

Not to forget the judges, led by Chief Judge Gunter Berendt, and Event Judges Michel Jara and Ulf Tinguert, who have demonstrated great teamwork, dedication, and good spirits, while getting on with the job.Accuracy judgesopt

23rd August – day 3

As day breaks at Kikinda the hot water and lifts are working at the hotel. The air is warm already suggesting another hot day ahead. Team Captains were briefed at 7.30 a.m and at 8.00 am the first load for the day takes off.

The schedule for today is to run Female Accuracy, Junior Female Accuracy, Junior Male Accuracy and Male Style1 cent

The day finished with the completion of the Women's Accuracy, Junior Women's Accuracy, and Junior Men's Accuracy.

22nd August – day 2


.. began again at 8.00 a.m with Men's Accuracy, Female Style and Junior Female and Junior Male Style. The weather continues to be kind but temperatures are on the rise and are expected to reach 38 deg. celsius.[img_assist|nid=8714|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=251|height=188] Teething problems are being experienced with the scoring equipment, and it is hoped that these can be rectified in due course. In the meantime Bob King has made available his systeBob & Hillary King to the rescuem as backup, and with the assistance of his lovely wife Hillary, together they are providing a collated summary of scores.


Day 1 - 21st August

.. began with wheels off at 8.0 a.m. Weather conditions are good with big blue skies and wind speeds averaging 3 mps. The Drop

ZOpening-ceremonyone at Kiknda is very pretty, situated in rural farm land and surrounded by sunflowers.

....competitors from 17 Nations are participating in the Championships, and the number of junior competitors is very encouraging. By the end of jumping five rounds have been completed for Junior Women's and Junior Men's Accuracy, Women's Accuracy and Women's Team Accuracy .. and one round of Men's Style.

The Opening ceremony took place in the evening in the Museum Atrium in the main square of Kikinda. The competitors parade was colourful and led by young girls beautifully dressed in National costumes of Serbia. The ceremony was officially opened by the Minister of Interior for Serbia, the Mayor of the City of Kikinda, and John Smyth who represented the IPC. The audience was delightfully entertained by the Kikinda junior choir, before returning back to the hotel for the evening dinner.