Dubai Test Competition, Speed Skydiving


If you are organising the largest Skydiving event ever, why not add yet another competition?  

The Dubai organisation, in conjunction with the FAI/IPC and the ISSA (International Speed Skydiving Association) have decided to add to the six World Championships* already scheduled for the “Mondial”, Dubai 28 Nov – 9 Dec 2012, and the Demonstration Event**, a Test Competition for Speed Skydiving.

This exciting new competitive discipline will be carried out by 10 experienced skydivers, including the current ISSA World Champion, Mr. Marco Wiederkehr.

Each competitor has 3 jumps during which they will try to record the fastest speed they can over 1,000 m.   By using electronic measuring devices fitted to each competitor the speed attained during their descent from 4,000 m over the fixed 1,000 m distance between 2,700 m and 1,700 m will be recorded and give us the performance ranking.

For more information on Speed Skydiving visit their website at http://www.speedskydiving.eu


 More pictures available on Flickr

*6th FAI Junior Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings World Championships
32nd FAI Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings World Championships
20th FAI Formation Skydiving World Championships
15th FAI Canopy Formations World Championships
9th FAI Artistic Events World Championships
4th FAI Canopy Piloting World Championships

** Para-Ski Demonstration Event.