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Australia FS Delegation

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Deleg FS

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4-Way Open

Gary Nemirovsky Steph Vaughan Craig Vaughan George Attard
Gary Nemirovsky Stephanie Vaughan Craig Vaughan George Attard
Patrick Nygren

Patrick Nygren (Videographer)



4-Way Female

4-wfemKate Langley 4-wayfemKate Rogers 4-wayfemMichelle Hales 4-wayfemNerissa Anderson
Kate Langley Kate Rogers Michelle Hales Nerissa Anderson
4-wayfemShannon Straubinger

Shannon Straubinger (Videographer)



8-waySimone Bambach 8-way Peter Etherton 8-wayGeorge Tang 8-wayClayton Gill
Simone Bambach Peter Etherton George Tang Clayton Gill
8-way Troy Crotty 8-way Russell Blackman 8-wayVernon Quek 8-way Laurence Garceau

Troy Crotty

Russell Blackman

Vernon Quek

Laurence Garceau

8-wayScott Neander

Scott Neander (Videographer)




VFSKim Hopwood Catherine	Comyns Lucas	Georgiou Tim Golsby-Smith
Kim Hopwood Catherine Comyns Lucas Georgiou Tim Golsby-Smith
Scott	Hiscoe (Videographer) Jenny	Gordon (Alternate)
Scott Hiscoe (Videographer) Jenny Gordon (Alternate)

Formation Skydiving Team Managers:

Kyle Binning
Erica Tadokoro

Competitors' Tales

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