3rd Day of the Mondial, 30th November 2012

Friday, 30th November:

16.30:  The thunderstorm arrived - so the story continues:  in Maubeuge we had the hurricane, in Croatia a storm destoyed the team tents, in Russia the country was on fire, and in Dubai we bring the first rain in three years!  Arizona had snow and Australia was so cold the jumpers used sleeping bags in the aircraft to keep warm as they went to altitude!  There is really something about hosting a World Meet.



14.00   The Opening Ceremony scheduled for 8.00 p.m. tonight has been postponed for 48 hours due to weather (bad).   

It is now planned for the same time on the 2nd December, which also happens to be 41st Independance Day.

As soon as we have confirmation  we will publish it. 

The clouds this morning dumped 50 cm of rain onto Dubai - a once a year occurance (rain!)  Meanwhile we continue with Canopy Piloting.  The scores for this discipline can be seen here.

The vagaries of the weather mean another stand down - a minute by minute one.

Check out the videos now uploaded onto YouTube.  Whilst on the subject of the front page, sincere apologies to those of you who had difficulty in accessing the Accuracy Landing results. We think we\'ve finally sussed the reason and all should be okay now.

11.00 am

Blue skies back, tannoy making announcements and aircraft starting up.  We are back underway with the competition.  A lot happened yesterday, including one complete round of Speed Skydiving - working on putting the results on this site at the moment.


The photo on the front page shows a visiting group of the UK armed forces who were injured in Afghanistan, posing with fellow amputee Al Hogson outside the GB competitors tent.  These lads are members of the Pilgrim Bandits charity, who brought them across to Dubai to see the World Series Rugby Sevens and the Mondial of course!


Back Row:  RFM Jake Barlett and Cpl Ricky Fergusson

Front Row:  L/Bdr Ben Parkinson, Sapper Clive Smith, Al Hodgson, MRE Steve Thomas

7.00 - the Rain arrives!!  Now the World Meet is truly underway and we have brought water to the desert!


Today\'s birthdays:  As I write this the thunder rolls!

Elisa Tennyson    (USA) Female Style - Senior
Didier Boignon    (Monaco) FS 4 Way Open
Leonid Kazinets    (Russia) FS 4 Way Open


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