4th Day of the Mondial, 1st December 2012

Saturday 1st December 2012

16.00:   We continue with round 2 accuracy (started here) into the Skydive drop zone and again we have the benefit of the commentry by Regan Tetlow to give the crowds some idea of what is going on and build the competition atmosphere - coupled with the big screens in the arean our sport is certainly being showcased well.

4-Way Formation skydiving continues, as does the Style Female.  We also have some of the Male Style jumpers\' results on the results site and if you follow the link on the front page you can watch a video of a style jump (submitted by James Hayhurst, USA). 

Meanwhile the Speed Skydivers continue their competition and have now completed 3 rounds, with the 4th and final one planned for tomorrow.

At the completion of 3 rounds of Formation Skydiving 8-way USA hold their first place with 67 points, France are second with 63 and Russia a close third with 59 points.  UAE, South Africa and GB currently tie for 6th position with 34 points.   UAE still in first position in VFS, after 3 rounds they have 81 points, France 78 and the USA 74.

 In the 4-way Female, at the end of 2 rounds, the French and USA tie for first position with 46 points, with Norway 3rd on 40.  U.A.E are doing very well considering this is their first competition and they have only trained together during 2012, they are in 8th position out of the 14 teams competing, with 27 points.

13.00:  Clouds back and CP, 8-way and Style put on stand by.

The Results on this site are electronically produced from the system being used for Judgeing and Scoring sothey are happening live - consequently the standings are only correct at the end of each completed round. 

We now have all sorts of \'entertainment\' organised to keep the crowds amused including Freestyle Motocross.

Meanwhile the accuracy continues at the beach DZ.

Saturday morning - wheels off 7.15 for the first of the Canopy Piloting jumpers as the sun is breaking through the clouds.  The only event that did not have to be here early this morning was FS 4-Way (Open and Female).

After 2 rounds of FS 4-Way open five points seperate USA (1st) from the current World Champions, France (3rd) with Belgium splitting them apart. Two more rounds today.  With the 4-Way  female France, current World Champions are tied in first place with USA, with the Norwegian girls 6 points behind in 3rd place.  After the first round VFS the host country UAE are in 1st place, with France (current World Champions) second and the USA third, with a single point seperating them. And after the first round of 8-Way the World Champions, France are 1st, USA 2nd and Russia 3rd.

Three rounds of Male Accuracy completed and Falk Magnus, Sweden is in 1st place, Nicola Ramiro, Romania, 2nd and Glenn Stephenson, G.B., 3rd.  In the team competition Male, Russia is first, Hungary 2nd and China 3rd.  Accuracy continues this morning at the Beach DZ which the competitors like, and I am sure they will attract a good audience on this the first day of the National Day weekend.  The second rounds of Female Accuracy and Junior will happen today, and then we can see what is developing as a competition.

I am sure we will see the same today as Canopy Formations adds the second and subsequent rounds to its results sheet and the Artistic Events as well.

Expecting huge crowds here today.  The Drop Zone has lots to see, places to visit, a bedouin tent area where it is possible to get a henna \"tattoo\" painted onto arms and legs - meet a camel - admire the birds of prey - try traditional foods.

Today\'s Birthdays

Dave Boulter (Australia) Male Accuracy

Pachon Milton (Colombia) FS 4 Way Open

Monika Sadowy-Naumienia (Poland) Female Style Senior


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