7th Day of the Mondial, 4th December 2012

Tuesday, 4th December - Day 6 of competition

17,00 The last jump of Canopy Piloting is completed and we have a winner for Distance and Overall - Congratulations to:

Canopy Piloting - Overall

Gold Medal

Curtis Bartholomew, USA

863.375 Total
Silver Medal

Nicholas Batsch, USA

819.410 Total
Bronze Medal Pablo Hernandez Moll, ESP 798.070 Total


Canopy Piloting - Distance

Gold Medal Nicholas Batsch, USA
192.221 Total
Silver Medal Jason Moldezki, CAN 288.515 Total
Bronze Medal Curtis Bartholomew, USA 279.560 Total

14.00 The last round of Canopy Piloting - Distance has started - all that is needed to complete their World Championships.  Will Nicholas Batsch beat his record distance set yesterday (to be ratified, of course)?  His distance of 154.09 mt. beats his current record of 151.95, also under consideration for ratification by the FAI.

Vertical Formation Skydiving

Gold Medal France 185 Total
Silver Medal UAE 177 Total
Bronze Medal USA 168 Total

With Canada taking a very creditable fourth place - considering they have been training and vertical flying for less than a year!  The future looks good for VFS with such new teams, UAE and Canada doing well.

Congratulations to all the Medal winners

11.45 - Final Round of VFS - judging live on the big screens on the DZ

France had pulled ahead of the UAE over the last two rounds and now with a lead of 6 points should win the competition - but who knows the last round is still to be judged.  At the moment, after Round 7 France is leading with 163 points, UAE 2nd with 157, and the USA third with 149.


But that is not all we also have the final positions for Artistic Events, Freestyle and Freefly:

Artistic Events - Freestyle Points
Gold Medal France 1 64.9
Silver Medal France 2 63.9
Bronze Medal Great Britain 60.4


Congratulations to our Freestyle Medal Winners


Artistic Events - Freefly Points
Gold Medal France 2
Silver Medal USA 2 64.5
Bronze Medal France 1


Congratulations to our Freefly Medal Winners

As a follow on from the article on \"Here come the Girls - to the Mondial\" today an invitation has been sent to all delegations inviting nominations to form the FAI Working Group on Women in the FAI.



The end is in sight, one more round of CP to complete the meet for that event, accuracy is moving on with an early start this morning into Skydive Dubai, all the other events are comforably giving us two rounds per day and Artistic Events should complete today.  Speed Skydiving having finished their competiton will continue to jump today in search of records.  We hope to have video of this to add to those already posted.

The sheer size of the organisation needed, and the many people who are working so hard, early starts and late finishes, to ensure that all runs smoothly often go un-noticed, un-mentioned and un-thanked - so today I will  endeavour to photograph this massive support team and put up an article about that side of this Mondial.

Meanwhile we have a result in the Accuracy event of CP: :

  • Chris Bartholomew, USA, 1st place with 289.010 points

  • Pablo Hernandez Moll, ESP, 2nd place with 287.428 points

  • Christian Wagner, AUT 3rd place with 276.438 points



 Today\'s Birthdays 

Carlos Correa Cabral (Brazil) CF 2Way Seq Video
Igor Shtol (Kazakhstan) Male Style



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