11th Day of the Mondial, 8th December 2012

Saturday 8th December, Day 10 of competition.

13.30 The Mondial formally closes, with the final speach from Graeme Windsor, IPC President, and the lowering of the FAI Flag.  This was preceeded by the final medal ceremony for the Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing winners, and presentations to all the people who had worked so hard,  behind the sceans to make this Mondial the success it was.

An event to go down in the history of the FAI and IPC.  The largest and most spectacular and successful air sports event ever.

The statistics from the competition are fascinating - a total of 11,408 jumps were made during the Mondial.  We have had 170,00 hits on our website to date! and still rising.

9.30   The two final jumps of this fantastic Mondial took place in the accuracy arena.  Taisia Krivosjcjelpva, Russia jumped first and scored 0.02 mt. and then Sai Wang, China jumped and had 0.04 mt.  So the Gold Medal position in the Junior Accuracy. Female event was decided.  Congratulations to both girls - to have to wait overnight before making such an important jump and with so few spectators to cheer them on must have added to the nervous tension of going for gold.

Now there is time for planning of fun loads, the Canopy Piloting to look forward to, and the closing ceremony and final prize giving later today.

This morning we have the very last of the competition  jumps as the accuracy competition jump offs are made for the junior female gold medal.

We shall then have the spectacular event of Canopy Piloting Freestyle.  This is an event the Canopy Piloting community would like to see included in the competition calendar, and it certainly is crowd pleasing.

There are also plans for some big way formation building, so we look forward to an enjoyable day at Skydive Dubai, before the closing ceremony and concert this evening.




Today's Birthday

Emil Bartak (Czech Rep.) CF 2-Way Seq



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