Final Story - Mondial 2012

Party is over

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The Party’s Over

Time to call it a day: but not before thanks are given to all those who worked so hard to make this happen and be the success it was.

From the Higher Organising Committee, for the vision, financial and political will to orchestrate the Mondial, Dubai 2012; to the Technical Meet Director, Mohamned Yousuf Abdul Rahman and Helmut Schlecht, Deputy Meet Director and their teams who worked so hard before, during and after the Mondial on its structure and infrastructure, many of whom were thanked publicly at the end of the final prize-giving ceremony when they were presented with commemorative plaques and included the pilots and public commentators not to forget the Doctors and medial team on site nor the weather forecaster, who accurately warned of the rain that arrived on the first day.
However, behind all these teams were armies of workers and I would like to acknowledge all those working in registration, manifest, public TV display, IT, boats, aircrews and any I have failed to mention, the public thanks due to them for the success of the Mondial.

On top of this we have the IPC layer, from Alberto Martin Paracuellos. FAI Controller, whose work started in 2011 when he was appointed at the Plenary meeting when the bid from Dubai was accepted to Gillian Rayner, IPC Controller of Judging and Scoring, again whose work started during the build up co-ordinating the judges for each panel with the Chief Judges and during the Mondial distributing scores, information etc. and finally orchestrating the medal ceremonies. To the Chief Judges and their panels and the Jury who found they had quite a lot of work to do. To Claire King and Dirk Venter of InTime who provided the judging, scoring and public display software for FS, CF, AE and CP and to Gert Weckbecker, Davide Lonardon and the team from Weckbecker Electronics for the Freefall Style and Accuracy Landings equipment and scoring systems.

To Skydive Dubai for making us all so welcome and filling in the gaps when needed plus all their subcontractors who kept us well fed and transported around the DZ, back to the hotels, ceremony venues etc. through the heavy Dubai traffic: also with clean toilets and working areas. Nor forgetting the packers who worked long and hard in the sun.  To the publicity company who did so well to promote the Mondial to the world as well as Dubai – it was amazing to visit the shopping malls and see videos of skydiving being played to the public, so too the posters on London busses during the Olympics 2012. The organisation of all the additional ‘sensational’ side shows and the TV company who broadcast live for 2 hours each day and quickly learnt that unlike other sports they could not plan a programme around what was going to happen at a certain time, but had to go with what was, (or was not) happening.

Despite all this nothing would have happened without the competitors, and again those who won medals rightly received their acclaim, but thanks also go to all the other teams and individuals who competed, who made this such an exciting competition on all levels, who achieved personal bests and improved their average, to the World and National Records that were broken. I hope that the experience will bring to those many countries who competed at a First Category Event for the first time, the determination to compete again so that Dubai becomes a benchmark from which we can measure future participation, wherever the competition is hosted.

However, somehow, I do not believe this is the end of the Dubai story, with the establishment of the new Dubai Parachuting Federation, I hope we will be invited back again for future competitions.

A few statistics:

2 new World Records: (subject to ratifaction)
Canopy Piloting : Distance Nicholas Batsch (USA) 154.09 mt.

Canopy Formations 4-way sequential - longest sequence

USA 13 formations.
National Record: 4-way Open Estonia Round 2 14 points
Total number of jumps made during the Mondial :
Reserve activation:
Water landings
Protests: (2 upheld, 5 denied)
IPC Results Page hits *
IPC YouTube hits *
No of Videos loaded, AE, FS, CF *

*as at today’s date.

Names and positions                                                   and pictures

Chairman of the World Parachuting Championships “Mondial 2012”
His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
The Higher Organising Committee
Chairman His Excellency Engineer Matar Al Tayer
Vice Chairman His Excellency Saif bin Markhan
Director of the Event Yousif Hassan Al Hammadi
1st Deputy Director Dr. Khalid Al Zahid
2nd Deputy Director & President Technical Committee (Meet Director) Mohammed Yousuf Abdul Rahman
The Technical Committee
Deputy Technical Committee & Assistant Meet Director Helmut Schlecht
Technical Committee Head Manifest FS/CF Douglas Peacock
Technical Committee Head Manifest AL/CP Gernot Rittenschober
Coordinator FS, AE, Events, Technical Committee Helmut Bastuck
Coordinator Freefall Style, Canopy Formation Hans Geitner
Coordinator Accuracy Landing & Canopy Piloting Matthias Maushake
Admin Coordinator, Coordinator Para Ski Juergen Barth
Manifest Section Helicopter/ Info Centre Peter Hünecke
Manifest Section Fixed wing/Info Centre Michael Pfleger
Marshaller/Dispatcher Fixed wing Carsten Thiel
Technical Course Director Canopy Piloting Jasper Williams
Scoring and Evaluation Systems, DZ Broadcasting
Scoring & Evaluation AL/ Style Weckbecker Electronics Gerhard Karl (Gert) Weckbecker
Flavia Weckbecker
Simone Dankesreiter
Dieter Dankesreiter
Jean Claude Helguers
Davide Lonardoni
Scoring/Evaluation FS/AE/ CF/CP Namespace Comp Claire King
Head Technicians Scoring/ Evaluation FS/AE/CP/CF Jens Jarisch
Technicians Scoring/Evaluation FS/AE/CP/CF Christian Margardt
Ralf Rixecker
Scoring/Evaluation Para Ski Johann Huemer
Broadcaster/Operator Dubbing Station Marco Pflueger
Presenter AL/CF Zoran Racic
Presenter CP & Award Ceremonies Regan Tetlow
Admin Assistants to the Director of the Mondial Marcela Champion
Camille Jardel
Roser Llorens
Administration Assistant Penya Alonso Corella
Manifest assistant Sarka Blaskova
Pilots and Flight Engineers (Abu Dhabi Aviation) Rafael Valero
Ken Petty
Stan Spoor
Nick Whithing.
Charly Magali
Rafael Martinez
Rick Cristino

Manifest staff :  Peter, Michael, Casi, Darja, Dana, Tracy, Jennifer, Alain, Alex, Adrian, Sharka, Anas.

Fixed Wing Pilots: Rory, Justin, Andreas, Own, Heath, Peter, Jojo

Loaders:  Rene, Cornelia, Tom, Mas, Max.

and pictures [flickr set=72157632303928302]

FAI/IPC Personnel and Positions
FAI Controller Alberto Martin Paracuellos

IPC Controller Judging &Scoring (J/S):

Gillian Rayner
Assistant IPC Controller J/S Saeed Khalifa Al Ghaithi
Jury Richard “Buzz” Bennett (President)
John Smyth  MVO

Niels-Christian Levin Hansen

Head IPC Para Ski Committee
Michael Egger
Speed Skydiving
Arnold Hohenegger

Freefall Style & AccuracyLanding

Guenter Berendt (Chief Judge)
Ulf Tingnert (Event Judge Accuracy Landing)
Michel Jara (Event Judge Style)
Sabine Kuchner
Slivije Mikuska
Reijo Aittomaki
Bruna De Paoli
Anatolijs Samarins
Mariusz Puchala
Vladimir Anisimov
Jana Matejkinova
Janez Pfajfar
Darko Svetina
Volodymyr Zlotnyk
Bob King
Formation Skydiving Pia Berggren (Chief Judge)
Chanel Gibbens Robinson (Event Judge)
Zeljko Tanaskovic (Event Judge)
Yousef Al Hosani
Karla Cole
Thierry Courtin
Rina Gallo
Eric Heinsheimer
Gizela Heitzinger
Peta Holmes
Jurate Janusauskiene
Penny McParlin
Doris Merz
Sara Sacchet
Dirk Venter
Canopy Formation Barry McAuley (Chief Judge)
Bernard Nicolas (Event Judge)
Aggie Solomon (Event Judge)
Mario Fabretti
Percy Kristersson
Lindy Rochow-Williams
Julia Sotnikova
Artistic Events Aliya Ananina (Chief Judge)
Steiner Lillas (Event Judge-Freefly)
Scott Smith (Event Judge-Freestyle)
Manuel Almeida
Bich Ha Thi Bich Van
Tamara Koyn
Elisabet Mikaelsson
Kosonen Raija
Lova Bannister
Canopy Piloting Dr. Rainer “Exi” Hoenle (Cheif Judge)
Anders Berggren (Event Judge)
Ettienne Bosch (Event Judge)
Bjorn Korth (Event Judge)
Igor Tiorlo
Gundel Klement
Ray Williams
Antonio Capdevila Hernandez
Deborah Seber
Pernille Herold
Lee Schlichtemeier
Paul Moore
Jaromir Blaschke
 IPC Website

Susan Dixon (Media Liaison Officer)

Fay Kimble

Thank you one and all for a truely memorable experience.

Susan Dixon, 21st December 2012

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