24/08/2013 Day 2, Cheboksary, Russia

Dramatic skiesDramatic skies over Cheboksary at the end of the day.


17.30  And the rain returns, but everyone is put on a two hour stand-by so we wait to see.   There is an army of young volunteers to help with the language and generally look after the competitors and those working to make this compeetition a success.  Many of them are language students from the local colleges and enjoying the opportunity to practice their language skills.   The lead photograph was taken by one of the volunteers - Eugeny Petrov - spaciba.

 Some of the Volunteers arriving in the morning

Some of the Volunteers arriving for work

12.00   The Jury is being kept busy here, first protest yesterday, allowed (see yesterday's report) and now a second one today.  The Junior French Female was put out 3rd on a pass in accuracy.  The protest was allowed, the competition rules for Juniors states 2 on a pass.

Otherwise things proceed - round 5 of male accuracy results are now published on the DZ - and will be on this site shortly.

We also have the final results (not approved yet) of the Junior Female Style:

First place is Taisya Krivoshchekova, Russia - Total 27.50

Second place is Leocadie Ollivier-Depuru, France - Total 28.54                                                                                

Third place is Lucia Lippold, Germany - Total 30.03

Congratulations to all three girls. 


We also have the results of the Junior Male Syle (unofficial, of course)i

In first place:  Raphael Lautencher, Germany with 22.41 points

In second place : Anton Sayevich, Belarus with 23.83 points

In third place : Bonifac Hajek, Czech Republic with 25.81 points

Congratulatins to all three young men.


On the way to altitude
On the way to altitude over Cheboksary.  This morning started at 8.00 with the first widi load.   The programme for today is male style and female and junior accuracy.  The Juniors completed their three style jumps yesterday.

Today the town of Cheboksary is arranging for free busses to the airfield enabling the local inhabitants to come and watch - there is an area set up for the children to play on two very different bouncy castles.  It will be interesting to see how many turn up.  Despite the weather yesterday evening there were plenty of spectators for the Opening Ceremony.