European Record Large Formations - Skydive Empuriabrava 2013 WORLD & EUROPEAN RECORD DAYS

Thursday, 26th September : - all the names

Wednesday, 25th September - all the videos are now available to view  

Sunday 22nd September:  It's all over - the 108 did not complete the second formation and Patrick Passe called an end to all further attempts - leave that for another day - and let everyone party and celebrate their achievements.




Saturday 21st September:  Another day - another challenge.Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 6.31

18.45 hrs:   At last we have a Freefly European Record - one frame only gave us a complete image of the formation - WONDERFUL - All that hard work and effort paid off - it has been a magic few days.

As I write this the Formation Skydivers just jumped on their second attempt to build 108 way with total separation to a second formation and yet another World Record.  

15.00 hrs and another world record - AWESOME - 2 World Records a day.  Now we have a 106 way and 5 points

11.00 hrs:  A THIRD WORLD RECORD was confirmed by the judges having looked at the two videos of the jump and stills of each of the 4 formations from the 5 cameramen - checking each grip - and if it cannot be seen (due to angle) in one photo then we looked at one of the other photos of the same point.  Slow but certain.    Patrick Passe announced that the 106 will go for a fifth point and then party!  more on the blog

15.00 hrs: and another world 10.00 am -  Unbelievable - it looks as though we have yet ANOTHER WORLD RECORD - I must now go and do my job as a judge with Bernard, Christian and Thierry and ensure that all four points were built and the correct grips taken - but the skydivers believe it was there!

09.30 hrs: For the Freeflyers the first attempt of the day took off at 8.30 a.m.  Going for a 96 way - but not there, so another attempt will be made.  The 106 way is in the air at the moment on their way to 19,000 ft and an attempt at 4 formations.  Follow my blog for fuller reports.

by Andrey Veselov-106-way-point-1 web

New World Record (to be verified by the FAI).106 way 1st point

by Andrey Veselov-106-way-point-2 web

Large Formation Sequential World Record - 106 - point 2. 

and at 15.000 the third attempt for the day resulted in a successful 106 + 2 formations = 3 points in all and yet another World and European record - and whilst the force is with them these amazing skydivers are going for another attempt and 4 points!

Skydive Empuriabrava September 17 - 23 - Large Formations European & World Record Attempts

Aiming for 108 Freefly record and

106 3 sequential formations record.

Day one and they build the 104 way as planned.

For the latest information from me on how the attempts are progressing log onto my blog.

Day 3 - it is all going to plan - 2nd attempt today and we have a new world record - 106 way transitions to a 2nd formation.  Now we will go for 3!  Pictures and hopefully video to follow!