14th FAI World ParaSki Championships, Tanay (Russia) 11-16 March, 2014

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Championships 2014

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Day 5, 15th March 2014

The weather has defeated us and there will be no more parachuting taking place.  The competition will be declared after 2 rounds of Male Accuracy and 3 rounds of Female. 

As the final positions are decided on a combination of the Skiing results and the Accuracy results (Para Ski), the balance between the two elements has to be maintained.  For that reason the points already allocated to the Skiing element and shown on the results page will have to be halved (they were originally awarded on the basis of 2 rounds Skiing and 6 rounds accuracy).  Whilst the scoring section recalculate everything we will be removing all the results currently shown on our results page.

Once we receive the true combined scores we will post them.

Day 5

Because of 11 m/s wind and snowfall in the morning we could not jump today.  The competition was closed at 12.30 hours.  So we have 3 rounds female and 2 rounds male accuracy to calculate the ranking.

There was a nice Prizegiving and Closing Ceremony in typical Siberian style  - which means heavy snowfall and the strong wind we have become used to this week.

As Chairman of the IPC Para Ski Committee I would like to thank the Organisation, Officials, Judges headed by Gernot Rittenschober, who did a lot of additional work for this World Meet.  Thanks to all the competitors and last, but not least, congratulations to all the winners.  I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you next year at the 15th FAI World Championships in Para Ski 2015 in Unterammergau, Germany 17-22 February 2015.

Michael Egger

 Congratulations to the new World Champions and all the medal winners:

Gold Medal Anton FILLIPPOV Russia 3
Silver Medal Alaksey BURENIN Russia 3
Bronze Medal Matej BECAN Slovenia 8


Gold Medal



Silver Medal Ksenia TROFIMOVA Russia 33
Bronze Medal Romana PROCHAZKOVA Czech Republic 46


Silver Medal SLOVENIA 65
Bronze Medal RUSSIA 71


Gold Medal Sebastian GRASER Austria 12
Silver Medal Nikolai TRAPEZNIKOV Russia 13
Bronze Medal Artur BIKMETOV Russia 13


Gold Medal Karl KREUZER Austria 18
Silver Medal Gernot ALIC Austria 18
Bronze Medal Bernhard NAGELE Austria 26




Day 4,  14th March 2014

Competitors survived Rd. 3Survival of Rd. 3 - Tanay 2014


Difficult conditionsDifficult conditions - Rd. 3 Tanay 2014

The third round was jumped in "difficult conditions" according to Graeme Windsor IPC President, with only 25% of the competitors making it to the pad.  The two pictures are courtesy of Graeme.

Day 4, time is running.  I have little to add to Graem's words - we had really difficult weather conditions today.  These were caused by high winds aloft making it extremely difficult to find the correct exit point, which was behind the mountain.  I was on the wind drifter load, and I did not find it - landing in the parking area close to the hotel.

We had to stop dropping after 10 teams at 1200 hrs, so 5 teams still have to complete round 3.  The temperature increased and it started to rain in the afternoon.

Tomorrow we will continue jumping at the airfield if possible.  Cross your fingers and toes.

Best regards from Tanai, Michael Egger, Chair of the IPC Para Ski Committee.

A selection of photographs





Day 3  13th March 2014

We were all tired from three runs of Giant Slalom yesterday and last night was a bad night for us.  The wind was strong, it blew loud around the window and the blown snow was knocking at the windows on the second floor, and it did not stop in the morning.  We had more than 11 m/s wind in the shadow of the 250 m high hill, where the Giant Slalom took place yesterday.

The temperature was fine with 2 degrees celsius but the cold wind ... nobody thought that jumping would be possible, but at 14.00 hrs I left with a very bad feeling for the target area at Ski Resort Tanai, to the airfield, which takes about 10 minutes by car, for the streamer load.  At 15.00 hrs we dropped the streamer, minutes later I was jumping over the Taiga - marvellous.  Landing in the target area was possible but very tricky.  It was decided to wait for another hour;  the first round started at 16.30 hrs and at 18.30hrs we had finished two rounds!  As is usual in Para Ski we had very difficult, but fair, wind conditions.  At the end all competitors and the Organisation with all Officials, the whole Para Ski family, were glad to have 2 of the 6 rounds of accuracy in the ranking.

Tomorrow it is planned to continue with the third round at 08.30 hrs, unfortunately the weather forecast is very bad again.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Report by Michael Egger, Chair of the IPC Para Ski Committee

We now have a competition, and the skiing and accuracy results will be combined to give us the current overall placings. 

At the moment I only have the Combination Result for the Team event (Male and Female combined) needed for the morning start.:

The first three placings are:   1st Russia National with a total of 66 poins :  2nd Slovenia with a total of 106 : 3rd Russia 2 with a total of 145 points.

In the individual events I only have the accuracy scores and am waiting the Combination Results:

Male:  Matej BECAN, Slovenia - 1 point : Anton PHILIPPOV, Russia and  Aleksey BURENIN, Russia both with  2 points.

Female:  Andzhela GOVOROVA, Russia - 1 point : Ekaterina NEVSKAYA, Russia  and  Christina FRANZ, Switzerland  both with  7 points

Masters (Male & Female combined):  Henny WIGGERS, Netherlands - 8 points : Gernot ALIC, Austria - 10 points : Karl KREUZER, Austria - 12 points

Juniors (Male & Female combined):  Ksenia TROFIMOVA, Russia & Nikolai TRAPEZNIKOV, Russia & Petr CHLADEK, Czech Rep.all with  8 points.

Report provided by Gernot Rittenschober, Chief Judge.




Day 2   12th March 2014

We finished the Giant Slalom today - it was well organised.

In the break between the qualifying run and the Giant Slalom was the Opening Ceremony, the Regional Governor was present and it was very nice.  Graeme Windsor, IPC President opened the World Championships.

After the two Giant Slalom runs we have a tight competition on our hands:

Male:    4 competitors tie for first place with 2 points each:  Anton Gruber, Austria : Antov Philippov, Russia : Aleksey Burenin, Russia and Reinhold Heibel, Germany

Female. Not so tight here:  Magdelena Schwertl, Austria 0 points, Ekaterina Nevskaya, Russia, 24 points and Ksenia Trofimova 45 points.

Juniors:  This is closer:  Sebastian Graser, Austria 0 points, Artur Biketov, Russia 8 points and Nikolai Trapez, Russia 9 points.

Masters:  Another close contest with joint second place:  Peter Klarman, Germany 0 points, Karl Krenzer, Austria and Bernhard Nagle both with 12 points

Team.  Male and Female:  Germany 1st with 44 points - Russia National 2nd with 45 points and Russia White 3rd with 75 points.





Day 1  11th March 2014

It is nice to be here in Siberia.  All the teams have arrived and the competition is prepared;  the First Team Leaders Meeting is over.

The Programme for tomorrow :  Qualification run in the morning - Opening Ceremony and lunch - and Ski Race in the afternoon.

We had a very strong and cold wind today, Minus 7 degrees during the day.  Tomorrow it is also forecast to be a strong wind and we hope to start jumping on Thursday.

Daily reports provided by Michael Egger, Chair IPC Paraski Committee.