5th World Canopy Piloting Championships, Z'Hills, USA, 1-7 November, 2014 - Bulletin 1

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.Bulletin No. 1 Amended

Please Note that a modified Bulletin No 1 has now been issued and published on this web site.  The following explanation is given by the Organiser and the Bureau:

The Official Bulletin nÂș 1 for the 5th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships, published 1st July 2014, has been amended, due to a bank transfer procedure modification. The only modification to the prior-published Bulletin is in paragraph 12 regarding Bank Transfer procedures. The remainder of the Bulletin remains exactly as in the earlier version.



The reason for this amendment was that there were some attempts to defraud, using the bank details published in the 1st July version, so now the Organiser wants intending participants to contact the Organiser for bank transfer details.


follow the links on the Events Callendar and click on the PDF icon   or click the link above. 

The Registration Form with the Bulletin is in PDF format so needs to be printed, completed and  faxed to the organisers - or visit the web-site and complete the registration on line:  www.cpworldzhills.com.




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