World Championships in S&A, JS&A & CF, Banja Luka, Aug 2014 - Day 2

CLICK HERE  to access the Results Page.  LIVE results are anticipated for Canopy Formations, with Accuracy & Style results being posted at the end of each round. 


Day 2:  Sunday 17 August 2014

Flooded DZ

You could be forgiven for thinking this World Championships was to include Canopy Piloting, as following two torrential thunder and lightning storms during the night, this instant 'swoop pond' greeted everyone arriving at the DZ this morning.

The day continues with official practice jumps, finalising the registration process and the Judges' conference. The teams' technical meeting is scheduled for 17.30hrs this evening. 

Ranata Registration

Ranata Kužet Ĉajić

In charge of competitor registration - and still smiling!


Saska Manifest

 Sarka Blaskova

 Another smiling important lady, in charge of the Manifest

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