World Championships in S&A, JS&A & CF, Banja Luka, Aug 2014 - Day 3

CLICK HERE  to access the Results Page.  LIVE results are anticipated for Canopy Formations, with Accuracy & Style results being posted at the end of each round. 


Day 3:  18 August 2014




Yesterday's technical meeting which was addressed by the Meet Director Zlatan Crnalic and FAI Controller Patrice Girardin collectively advised the competitors on various issues, ranging from meal times to safety aspects.

With a cloudless blue sky the airfield was buzzing by 8.00hrs and wheels off for Rounds 1 in Female Style and 4-Way Rotations followed soon after.


Even before the competition had got underway the Jury had been tasked with its first deliberation. The host country's NAC (Bosnia & Herzegovina) had just one competitor entered into the World Championship for Accuracy Landing, however a request was made to the Jury to allow a further four competitors to participate alongside their fellow countryman. The Jury consequently denied the application by the Bosnians to participate officially or as unofficial guest participants, finding that the Official Entry had been submitted as complete and correct.
Click on link to download Jury Notice No 2


The first round in 4-Way Sequential is now complete with France (14) not only taking the lead over the USA (13), but it looks like a new World Record!  In third place is Russia (10), followed by Australia (6) and in fifth place is Germany with 4. 


The Jury are being kept busy today and have posted their determination of a protest concerning rule CR of the Sporting Code was not being followed or applied. The rule states that three judges at or near the target will indicate and determine by a simple majority if the first point of landing is on the AMD. The protest was upheld and the Jury determined that all accuracy jumps that had been made up to that point were invalid, as the determination of the score was not in accordance with the Competition Rules.  Consequently all jumps up to that point were discarded and the Accuracy Event was re-started.
Click on link to download Jury Notice 3



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