World Championships in S&A, JS&A & CF, Banja Luka, Aug 2014 - Day 4

CLICK HERE  to access the Results Page.  LIVE results are anticipated for Canopy Formations, with Accuracy & Style results being posted at the end of each round. 


Dutch competitorThe Netherland's sole competitor approaching the tuffet. Photo: MI-Press

Day 4:  19 August 2014

Another beautiful day, with wheels off soon after 08.00hrs.  Round 1 of CF 2-Way Sequential has been completed, with France 2 taking the lead with 21 points over the USA (19) with Australia 1 in third place with 17 points.

Alongside the CF competition, the conditions also favoured the style competitors and by mid-afternoon the Female Style was half way through Round 2, the same for Male Style and 2 completed rounds for the Junior Females. The arrangements to receive the Results for the Style and Accuracy competition have been fraught with difficulties, but finally they are beginning to appear and we are able to report that the Results Page http://www.ipc-wcresults.org.uk/Banjaluka_2014/BL_14_results.html is displaying those for Male and Female Style and Junior Female Style. These results are in downloadable PDF format.

The 4-Way Rotations is turning out to be a tough competition between France and Russia, who are tied for 1st place with 44 points each after 3 rounds. In 4-Way Sequential France remains in 1st position after Round 3 with 28 points, with USA in 2nd place with 26 points with Russia behind them with 21 points. With 2-Way Sequential being the more popular event in CF, Round 2 is yet to be finalised, with the 6 highest scorers in the first round still to jump or be judged.


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