5th DIPC, Dubai, 2014 - The Judges

Exi - Chief JudgeThe Chief Judge at the 5th DIPC is Dr. "Exi" Rainer Hoenle


The panels of judges are made up of a mixture of selected/invited judges, delegation nominated judges and judges from the Gulf States.  Some judges are multi-rated and depending on competition requirements may well serve on more than one panel - these are indicated with an *.

Group photo

Not all the judges, the Accuracy Landing judges were still working!

Accuracy Landing Panel


Guenter Berendt , Event Judge


Ulf Tingnert

Michel Jara

Gerhard Wagner

Dare Svetina

Drago Buncic

Pascal De Haes

Vladimir Gazetov

Izzedin Albuqura

Bruno de Paoli

Sabine Kuchner

Sylvia Beguelin

Formation Skydiving Panel


Karla Cole, Event Judge


Gisela Heitzinger

Sara Sachet

Jurate Janusauskiene

Yousuf Al Ghaiti

Gundel Klement*

Yasar Mohsen

Zeljko Tansakovic*

Pekka Salmela*

Yves Letourneur*

Bob Charters*

Canopy Formation Panel


Bernard Nicolas, Event Judge


Percy Kristersson

Natasha Higman

Mario Fabretti

Agnieszka Sobezynska-Solomon

Pia Berggren*

Kate Charters*

Vassilly Volkov

Artistic Events Panel


Aliya Ananina, Event Judge


Liz Warner

Anouschka Gasson

Bich Ha Thin

Bernard Garsault

Ray Williams*

Igor Van Aperen*

Canopy Piloting Panel


Bjoern Korth, Event Judge


Jule Wagener

Jan anderson

Christine Letourner

Toni Capdevila

Mohamed Al Delayle

Anders Berggren

Jards Blaschke

Igor Tiorlo

Gundel Klement*

Liz Warner*

Pia Berggren*

Pekka Salmela*

Nina Engel

Speed Skydiving Panel


Arnold Hohenegger, Event Judge


Angelica Hohenegger



Some pictures of the judges :[flickr user=me tag="dipc5judges" ]

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