5th DIPC Dubai, Day 2



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Breaking News - Breaking News

The Gala Dinner will not take place on 3rd December as announced at the start of the competition - instead it will happen tomorrow night - 30th November 2014

Full details will be announced at the Team Leader's Briefing tomorrow.

17.00 Saturday, 29th November 2014

The schedule for tomorrow is another early start (similar wind forecast as for today, although slightly lower high winds).  8.00 first take off for Accuracy Landing - having completed the third round today, and 10 teams have jumped the 4th round, the plan is to complete the 4th round and whatever time and the weather allows us - the aircraft will be here.  For formation skydiving tomorrow is the turn again of the 4-Way teams, both Open and Female with a 9.00 start.  Canopy Formation 2-Way Sequential will continue in the morning from 9.00 as will Speed Skydiving, along with Artistic Events Freefly.  Everyone else is released for the day.

Today we had 47 aircraft loads with a total of 604 jumps made, there were 8 rejumps - wind related - in the Accuracy Landing event.

Today's Birthdays

Firstly belated wishes to Maxine Tate of Great Britain for yesterday

and Best Wishes to Aksana Famina, Belarus for today.

15.30 Saturday, 29th November 2014

Well the forecast winds arrivedAccuracy Landings were put on stand-by at mid-day and then on stand-down until 14.00, but no change so were released for the day.  But the winds crept even higher and all competitors are now released until tomorrow.  

11.00 Saturday, 29th November 2014

The competition is really close in several disciplines.  After 4 rounds of Formation Skydiving  - 4-way Open Belgium and Canada are tied in first place with 88 points with the USA close in third with 84.    The French girls are way ahead in the  Female event with 68 points but the UAE and USA girls tie for second place on 52 with Russia close on their heels with 51.

In Accuracy Landing team event we have China in first place with China Juniors in second with a total of 5 and 7 centimetres respectively;  France, Oman and Switzerland mixed team are all on 9 centimetres in joint 3rd place.  The increased winds so far have not arrived and there is plenty going on. 

The Speed Skydiving competitors have completed 2 rounds and at the moment the current Champion Christian Labhart is in first place closely followed by his fellow countryman Markus Fuchs (Switzerland) and in third place is Moritz Friess (Germany).

busy DZ 

7.45  29th November 2014

The first widi load of the day takes off.  After such a stunning opening ceremony last night I am sure those teams who are released for the day must be pleased to have a later start this morning.

As we have entered the Drop Zone at Skydive Dubai many must have wondered what the round black building at the end of the car park was for - that was answered last night.  A surround vision and sound arena where an amazing show awaited us.  Based on the theme of reaching for the sky - with no limits - linking skydiving and the development of this amazing city of Dubai - we were treated to a 360 degree screen with moving and changing images - first developing the theme with words, then with lights and music and a group of gymnasts who performed aerial manoeuvres (with the aid of suspension harnesses) that are familiar to all the skydivers there.  This show finally ended with a fireworks display over the top - in the sky - over the arena viewed through the fine gauze ceiling.

Arena Acrobats Night  skyline
Arena Acrobats Dubai Night Skyline


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