5th DIPC Dubai, Day 3

TL briefing

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17.45 30th November 2014

Despite the difficult conditions today a total of 314 jumps were made from 20 aircraft loads - none for Accuracy Landings unfortunately.  Tomorrow morning we start with the Team Leaders Briefing at 8.30 with the first lifts scheduled for 9.00.  Tomorrow it is Accuracy Landings, Formation Skydiving 8-way and VFS, Canopy Formations 4-way Rotations and Sequential, Artistic Events Freefly and Speed Skydiving.  Everyone else is free to recover from the party tonight! 

16.20 30th November 2014

After a mixed afternoon weather wise CF 2-way Sequential completed two further rounds, leaving France 2 well ahead of Russia 1 with the USA close behind.  At 4.20 it was decided to move the other freefall disciplines to the Palm Drop Zone, closing down Crescent DZ - giving the public spectators more of a show, plus a much easier operation for the end of the day, before departure to the Gala Dinner tonight at the Burj Khalifa



12.30 30th November 2014

Good use was made of the helicopter and a widi load to check out the winds on the Crescent DZ - which were fine - and Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events and Speed were called.  A decision about the continuation or stand down for Accuracy Landing competitors will be made at 13.00.

At the end of round 3 Canopy Formation 2-way Sequential there is no change to the standings - all but one team used the result from this round as their throw-away round.  France 2 are still in the lead from Russia 1 with the second French team in third place.

9.30 30th November 2014

Just as jumpers loaded onto the carts to go to the enplaning area the winds went over the limits for all the freefall events and jumping was put on hold for all disciplines.  So it is now a waiting game for everyone but the Canopy Formation teams..

There is plenty to keep you occupied on the drop zone, with all sorts of games to play.Volleyball

7.30 30th November 2014

The only activity on the drop zone this morning is the frantic flapping of flags and wind blades and the Team Leader's Briefing, as the morning started with ground winds above the limits for Accuracy Landing.

Next call will be at 9.00 when the teams will arrive for  Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation, Artistic Events and Speed Skydiving.

Our President, Graeme Windsor was on the Drop Zone this morning for the first widGraeme Windsori load, now that his gear has arrived in Dubai.   Although he could not jump he was able to use the time to catch up with old friends. 

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