5th DIPC Dubai, Day 7

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the palm

18.00 Thursday, 4th December 2014

The best day so far with a total of 1041 jumps made, split between 541 from the fixed wing aircraft - Formation Skydiving and Canopy Piloting and 500 from the helicopters for the Accuracy Landing.

The plan for tomorrow is an early start with a 7.45 first lift for Accuracy Landing onto the Beach DZ and to continue there for the Accuracy Landing Semi-Final.  Meanwhile an 8.00 first load for Canopy Piloting with Freestyle - as today the Canopy Piloting event completed.

The two rounds of Speed/Distance combined event - which was enjoyed and approved of by the competitors - two rounds of Dragged Distance and 2 rounds of Carved Speed.  I apologise for the lack of pictures on this site of the Canopy Piloting, but there will be loads on the EAF website in the days following DIPC5

The Prize Giving ceremony is planned for 17.30 tomoorow afternoon after which we will be treated to a firework display.


During the airshow the Formation Skydiving Judges judged the Final Rounds of 4-Way Female, 8-Way and 4-WayOpen.  There were no surprises nor any Jump Off rounds needed.  So we have the following medal winners in 4-Way Female

FS - USA F FS France 4-way Female FS-GB F
SILVER - USA 4-Way Female Team GOLD - FRANCE 4-Way Female Team BRONZE - GB 4-Way Female Team

For 8-Way again there was no change to the positions after the 9th Round although UAE jumped a good clear round, so did the Russians and France.  So the medal table looks like this:

FS 8-way Russia FS 8-way France FS 8-way UAE
SILVER - Russia 8-Way Team GOLD - France 8-Way Team BRONZE - UAE 8-Way Team

Finally they judged the 4-Way Open event.  Again no surprises or change from the results after round 9.  The Medal table is as follows:

FS - Belgium 4-way open FS - Canada FS US 4-way Open
SILVER - BELGIUM 4-Way Open GOLD - CANADA 4-Way Open BRONZE - USA 4-Way Open

The Canadian Gold medal is certainly a story of one family's dedication to the sport and discipline and Congratulations should be given to all the Competitors in the Formation Skydiving competition.

Meanwhile the Accuracy Landing and Canopy Piloting competitions continue until last light.



On round 7 Accuracy Landings the German competitor Stefan Wiesner will be making his 10,000 jump.  The Team have had a special cake made which will be waiting for him on his landing. 

The plan this afternoon is to conitinue with Canopy Piloting with Speed and Distance which will give us a Combined result and tomorrow to move to the Sequential Event.  At 1600 hours today we will have a full air display from the UAE Air Force aerobatic display eam of Al Fursan (The Knights) - yesterday's impressive display was a practice.



Spotting for the Beach DZ Accuracy landing on the Beach DZ
 Spotting for the Beach DZ  The Beach DZ



Round 6 of Accuracy Landing is completed, with very light winds 3 - 4 mtr/sec  on the Beach DZ today, the competition is moving on well. 

Canopy Piloting have also completed the two rounds of Speed/Distance and the Semi-Final of 8-Way Formation Skydiving has been judged.  Nerves got to the teams with France still leading but dropping one point on this round (incomplete formation) and the UAE dropping two, whilst Russia turned in a steady performance - so going into the final round with France on 160 points (having scored 17 in the 9th round):  Russia on 154 (also scored 17) and UAE on 151 (scored 12).


Canopy Piloting is well underway and Accuracy Landing is continuing onto the Beach DZ. 

Meanwhile two announcements have been made by the organisation here;  One is for a planned media "event" later today at 13.00 when a group photograph forming the figure 43 will be made in front of the Restaurant tent to celebrate the 43rd National Day of the UAE. 

The Second announcement is FREE JUMPS - yes FREE JUMPS are being offered to participants who are not departing on the 6th December.  Delegation Leaders are asked to register those of their jumpers who wish to take advantage of this by mid-day today at Manifest - using the simple form they have been sent. This year the super communication system MailChimp has been well utilised by the organisation.


This iconic picture of the Palm with the Palm DZ in the foreground is the backdrop for all the Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events videos.- how exotic can you get.  Thanks to Casi for the photo.

Late yesterday evening the Official Results of the three rounds of Canopy Piloting Zone Accuracy were issued - resulting in a First Place position for Curt Bartholomew of the USA, with a total of 282 points - Second Place was Eric Philippe of France 277 points and third place went to Marat Leiras of the UAE with 275.00 points total.  Achieved in less than ideal conditions, congratulations must go to all the competitors.  .Today we continue with the new combined event of Speed and Distance.

807 Eric Philippe France 803 Curt Bartholomes USA 840 Marat Leiras UAE
SILVER - Eric Philippe, France GOLD - Curt Bartholomew, USA BRONZE - Marat Leiras, UAE

Today's Birthdays

Happy Birthday wishes go to :  Amanda Lampton, USA and Igor Shtol, Kazakhstan

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