5th DIPC Dubai, Day 8

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CP - distance round
14.30 Friday 5th December 2014

DIPC5 is over officially with completed competitions in all disciplines.  Thanks must go to all the work doen by the Technical Committee members and the staff of Skydive Dubai and all the amazingly hard working support staff that make an event of this size and complexity possible.

There will be a prize-giving ceremony later this evening, but for now the final results for the Accuracy Landing and Freestyle Canopy Piloting are given here:

Freestyle Canopy Piloting :

840 Marat Leiras UAE 823 Nicholas Batsch USA 803 Curt Bartholomes USA
SILVER - Marat Leiras, UAE GOLD - Nicholas Batsch, USA BRONZE - Curt Bartholomew, USA

For all the Accuracy Landing various events I will list the placings and add the pictures after the prize-giving for the individual medals.

Junior Female :  Gold Medal: Leocadie Ollivier de Pury , France : Silver Medal Ling Zhang, China : Bronze Medal Darja Shastakovich, Belarus

Junior Male : Gold Medal:  Anton Sayevich, Belarus : Silver Medal, XiaodongGuo, China : Bronze Medal, Mathieu Guinde, France

Female  : Gold Medal : Olga Lepenzina, Russia : Silver Medal, Svetlana Klenina, Russia  Bronze Medal, Deborah Ferrand, France

Male : Gold Medal : Dmitri Maksimov, Russia : Silver Medal, Jie Feng, China : Bronze Medal, Ilia Pozdniakov, Belarus

Female Team :  Gold Medal - Russia  : Silver Medal - Belarus : Bronze Medal - China

Male Team : Gold Medal - China : Silver Medal - Slovenia : Bronze Medal - Russia


The wind-drift load took off for the tie-break jumps needed to decide placings in both the Male and Female event.  In the Male event after the final round 2 competitors Dimitri Maksimov, Russia and Jie Feng tied for first place - on the jump-off Dimitri Marksimov won - and for third place we had a three way tie.  In the Female evet there was also a three-way tie for third place.  Olga Lepezina, Russia in first and Svetlana Klenina, Russia in second.


Another nice story to come out of the Men's Accuracy Landing is the placement achieved by the Swedish competitor Magnus Falk - a well known competitor at World Cups and Championships often as a loan competitor managed his best placement ever with a total of 8 cents he ended after 10 round in 6th place.

Winner Juniors
The winner of the Junior Male Accuracy Landing is Anton Sayevich of Belarus, with a total of 13 cents.


It is all happening on the Palm DZ - Canopy Piloting is into the third round of the Sequential CP, with only 30 competitors competing.

Meanwhile, Round 8 and 9 Accuracy Landing have completed on the Beach DZ and now the tuffet and all the electronics are being set up on th Beach DZ for the Final Round of Accuracy Landing.


Olga Lepezina Russia - Gold Medal Winner
Olga Lepezina, Russia, Female Gold Medalist


It is planned to go for a 43 formation in celebration of the UAE Independence, followed by a 50 way attempt - these will happen when the 5th DIPC is complete.




The XDubai Flyboard World Cup 2014, 4-6 December is taking place in the area of the Marina near the Skydive Dubai wharf.  A spectacular crowd pleaser.

Fly Boarding

7.00 The last day and the weather forecast is similar to yesterday's, in which case we will complete everything well before the Air Show planned today for 16.15 - 16.50.


The mixture of 'other' events choreographed during the DIPC makes it a real spectator show and certainly brings in the crowds.  The majority take place beside the competition and creates an exciting atmosphere on the Drop Zone. 

Today we will complete round 8 of the Accuracy Landing which will give us a Team Result in both the Male/Mixed Team event and the Female Team event.  At the end of Round 7 CHINA is in first place with a total of 19 cents - RUSSIA and SLOVENIA tie for second with a total of 21 cents with CHINA J in 4th place on 23 cents - anything could happen.   The competition is not so close in the Female Team event with BELARUS F 8 cents ahead of RUSSIA F and then a 6 cents difference between them and CHINA F.

Canopy Piloting completed all rounds by the end of the day and the results are now posted on the results pages:  In the Distance event we have the following medal winners:  1st place, Nicholas Batsch, USA 398.453 points, 2nd Pable Hernandez Moll, Spain 377.371 points and 3rd Thomas Dellibac, USA 369,716 points.  These points are made up of a total of 4 rounds of Distance - 2 Dragged Distance and 2 of the Distance part of the new combined Speed/Distance event.

819 Pablo Hernandez Moll Spain 823 Nicholas Batsch USA 802 Thomas Dellibac USA
SILVER - Pablo Hernandez Moll, Spain GOLD - Nicholas Batsch, USA BRONZE -Thomas Dellibac, USA

 For the  Speed event the results were, again, 1st place Nicholas Batsch, USA with 387,064 points, 2nd Greg Windmiller of the USA with 277,022 points and PabloHerandez Moll, Spain 3rd with 369,757 points.  These points are made up on two rounds of Carved Speed and 2 rounds of the Speed element of the combined Distance/Speed event.

844 Greg Windmiller USA 823 Nicholas Batsch USA 819 Pablo Hernandez Moll Spain
SILVER - Greg Windmiller, USA GOLD - Nicholas Batsch, USA BRONZE - Pablo Hernandez Moll, Spain

The Combined results of all three Events, Accuracy + Distance + Speed gives us the Overall Winner of  Canopy Piloting as follows:

The Overall Winner is Nicholas Batsch, USA with a total of 1058,517 points out of a possible total of 1100,000 - Pablo Hernandez Mill of Spain in 2nd with 1013,128 points and Eric Philippe, France in 3rd with 987,673 points total..

819 Pablo Hernandez Moll Spain 823 Nicholas Batsch USA 807 Eric Philippe France
SILVER - Pablo Herandez Moll, Spain GOLD - Nicholas Batsch, USA BRONZE - Eric Philippe, France

 Finally we have the Team result for Canopy Piloting with France in Gold Medal position, Russia in Silver and the UAE in Bronze.

Congratulations to all the competitors for such an exciting and excellent competition.

Today's Birthdays

Siarhei Sivitski of Belarus and Sebastien Dratwa of Poland - have a very Happy Birthday and Celebration


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