5th DIPC Dubai, Day 6

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A lot has happened today since this picture was taken at 7.00 this morning.

18.00Wednesday, 3rd December 2014

Today we made a total of 825 jumps, 521 from the fixed wing and 294 from the helicopters. 

Another bright though not quite so early start in the morning.  We have a good forecast for the winds for the day, so Team Leaders Meeting at 7.30 with the first Canopy Piloting load at 8.00 - Accuracy Landing at 8.30 and 9.30 for the Formation Skydiving 8-way semi-final and final rounds.  Formation Skydiving 4-way have a 12.00 stand-by for their fianl rounds (Female and Open).


Everything is finishing fast we now have final results in Canopy Formations 4-Way Rotation.

Russia has the Gold Medal with 144 points : Belarus the Silver with 133 and Kazakhstan the Bronze with 108 points.  Congratulations to all the competitors

CF - 4-way Rotations Belarus

CF 4-way Rotations Russia CF - 4-way Rotations Kazakhstan
SILVER - Belarus GOLD - Russia BRONZE - Kazakhstan

We also have final results in Artistic Events Freestyle Skydiving: - France 1 in first place with the Gold and France 2 in second place with the Silver, whilst the USA are in 3rd place and receive the Bronze Medal.  Congratulations to all the competitors.

france2 france1 usa1
SILVER - France 2 GOLD - France 1 BRONZE - USA

And the third event finalised toady is Formation Skydiving VFS, where we only had two teams competing :  Canada won the Gold and Poland the Silver.

FS VFS Canada FS -VFS Poland
 GOLD - Canada  SILVER - Poland

We also have a final result in Canopy Formation 4-Way Sequential:  First place with the gold medal are France with Russia in Second with Silver - we only had two teams in this event also.

CF 4-way Sequential - France CF 4-way Sequential - Russia
GOLD - France SILVER - Russia


Formation Skydiving 8-way is set for  thrilling Semi-Final and Final rounds with France only 4 points ahead  of UAE who scored more points in Round 7 than France, but then lost two points on Round 8 which would have put them only 1 point below the French.  Meanwhile Russia are putting a consistent performance in third position, only 2 points behind the UAE.

14.15 The winds have now increased and we are on a weather hold for Accuracy Landing and Canopy Piloting.  At least Accuracy Landing completed round 5 before the hold, so we have a valid event .


Two rounds of Canopy Piloting have now completed and the 3rd is happening now.  The competitors will then move to a round of Speed/Distance - a combined event.

This afternoon around 1600 hrs we will be treated to an airshow by the UAE Air Force aerobatic display team - Al Fursan (The Knights). Their emblematic livery of gold and black is said to echo the colour of the desert and the oil beneath it.

Formation Skydiving 8-way and VFS are just having their round 6 jumps judged - and Canopy Formations 4-Way Sequential and 4-Way Rotations have completed their 6 rounds and been judged.  France is leading in 4-way Sequential but Qatar - the guest team - are doing well with 30 points after 6 rounds. In 4-way Rotation Russia is comfortably in the lead with Belarus in second place and Qatar a credible third place.  After 6 rounds, France still lead the field in Formation Skydiving 8-way with Russia and the UAE tying in second place.  Should make for a very interesting next couple of jumps/rounds.

Al Fursan - UAE Air Force


All events are now jumping, and there is an air of excitement and activity on the Palm DZ.


As dawn brakes over the flotilla of boats on the Skydive Dubai wharf, ready to ferry jumpers back from Accuracy Landing at the Beach DZ and Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events on the Crescent DZ, the Canopy Piloting competitors are preparing for their first load at 7.30 in the Twin Otter.  This is for a practice jump, after which, if the winds remain below limits, they will move into the first round of Accuracy.  The plan today is to do 3 rounds of Accuracy followed by the combined event of Speed/Distance for one round.

Meanwhile the widi load for Beach Drop Zone will take off, and at 8.00 the first Accuracy Landing teams will enplane for jumping onto the Beach.

For those of you looking for the judged videos from Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation and Artistic Events, usually available on www.Omniskore.com will be pleased to learn that Ted Wagner has been authorised to upload them and they will become available as the day progresses.  He even set his Ted Wagnercomputer working through the night to be able to do it (and it woke him at 2.30 with a full hard disc).  Thanks Ted and Omniskore for providing such a good service for judges and skydivers.


Today's Video


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