5th DIPC Dubai, Day 9

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Last lift of the competition - coming in to land
The party's over, it's time to say goodbye to Dubai until next year - thanks to all the competitors who made this such an exciting often very close and enjoyable competition.

Yesterday evening closed with the Medal Ceremony followed by a closing banquet on the Drop Zone (in the best DZ Restaurant in the world) and live music.

The last day we actually made 134 aircraft loads - and this picture is of the very last helicopter flight - with the tie break jumps for the Accuracy Landing Male first place - against the amazing backdrop of Dubai.

Congratulations after the Jump off

Just before  the prize-giving started we were treated to a sun-set display by the Parabatix Skyracers - powered paragliders.

paramotors evening show


Speed Skydiving

GOLD : Christian Labhart, Switzerland

SILVER : Moritz Friess, Germany

BRONZE : Dmitry Gmyzin, Russia

Speed award ceremony

Artistic Events


Gold:    Russia 1

Silver:  UAE

Bronze: France

AE Freefly awards

 Freestyle Skydiving

Gold :     France 1

Silver:    France 2

Bronze : U S A


 Accuracy Landing

Junior Female

GOLD : Leocadie Ollivier de Pury. France

SILVER : Ling Zhang, China

BRONZE : Darja Shastakovich, Belarus

AL Female Junior Proze Giving


 Junior Male

GOLD :  Anton Sayevich, Belarus

SILVER : Xiaodong Guo, China

BRONZE : Mathieu Guinde, France

 AL Male Junior PG

 Female Team

GOLD : Russia F

SILVER : Belarus F

BRONZE : China F


 AL Womens Team

 Mens/Mixed Team

GOLD : China

SILVER : Slovenia

BRONZE : Russia

 AL - Team PG

 Individual Female

GOLD : Olga Lepezina, Russia

SILVER : Svetlana Kionino, Russia

BRONZE : Deborah Ferrand, France

 AL-Female PG

 Individual Male

GOLD :  Dimitrii Maksinmov, Russia

SILVER : Jie Feng, China

BRONZE : Ilie Pozdniskov, Belarus

 AL-Male PG

 Canopy Formation

 2-Way Sequential

GOLD : France 2


BRONZE : Russia 1

 CF-2-Way seqential PG

 4-Way Sequential

GOLD : France

SILVER : Russia

 CF-4-way Sequential PG

 4-Way Rotations

GOLD : Russia

SILVER : Belarus

BRONZE : Kazakhstan


 CF 4-Way rotations

 Formation Skydiving

 Vertical Formation Skydiving

GOLD : Canada

SILVER : Poland


 4-Way Female

GOLD : France


BEONZE : Great Britain

 FS -4-way PG

 4-Way Open

GOLD : Canada

SILVER : Belgium


 FS 4-Way open PG

 Canopy Piloting

Zone Accuracy

GOLD : Curt Bartholomew, U S A

SILVER : Eric Philippe, France

BRONZE : Marat Leiras

 CP- Accuracy PG


GOLD : Nicholas Batsch, U S A

SILVER : Greg Windmiller, U S A

BRONZE : Pablo Hernandez Moll, Spain

 CP Speed PG


GOLD : Nicholas Batsch, U S A

SILVER : Pablo Hernandez Moll, Spain

BRONZE : Thomas Dellibac, U S A

 CP-Distance PG

 Combined (Accuracy, Speed, Distance)

GOLD : Nicholas Batsch, U S A

SILVER : Pablo Hernandez Moll, Spain

BRONZE : Eric Philippe, France

 CP -Overall PG


GOLD : Nicholas Batsch, U S A

SILVER : Marat Leiras, U A E

BRONZE : Curt Bartholomew, U S A



GOLD : France

SILVER : Russia




For those who had booked their departure for the 7th December 2014, providing you were registered for the DIPC5 be it, competitor, head of delegation or official, judge or one of the organisation, you had a bracelet, identity card and your rig had been checked - there were free jumps all day on the 6th.   Starting at 9.30 the manifest would deal with jumpers on a first come first served basis until last light.  Now that is an end to a party.

Thanks to everyone and see you next year.





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