8th European and 5th Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships: Day 2



22 August 2015 - Day 2:

The good weather continues to elude us, with visibility down to a couple of hundred metres and that very fine rain that soaks you. The skydiving community is forever optimistic, hence why everyone has been at the DZ since 07.30. It seems the forecast is a mirror image of yesterday, but things change. Just keep your fingers crossed it changes soon, as we'd really like to get this Championship up and running.

It wasn't long before the usual wet-weather activities were in full swing - these competitors are well-practised in such arts. An added bonus is the daily packed lunch, which is a real treat.  Lunch over and everyone was released for the day. Tonight's Opening Ceremony in the town centre of Montana is scheduled for 19.00hrs, but I suspect it will be an early night for most, as the first buses are leaving the hotels at 06.45hrs. The forecast is looking good!

At the bottom of this page you'll see the link to the A-Z of countries participating in the Championships and their respective delegations.

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