8th European and 5th Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships: Day 3

OC Krasi_Lora


23 August 2015: Day 3:

Didn't have the heart to post another cloud-filled photo, so to brighten the day we have (L) Krasi Korchakoska and (R) Lora Todorova who were the hosts at last night's Opening Ceremony. 

LIVE Results on this link

They also imparted the news that the buses departure time from the hotels on Sunday morning to the DZ had been put back to 10.30hrs from 0645hrs. It's true that it remains cloudy, but at least they are definite cloud formations and everyone is considerably more optimistic that the cloud base will lift after lunch. Fingers crossed!

13.10hrs: Meteorologically speaking, the cloud base is shifting in the right direction!  The Meet Director, Angel Stamenov, took to the skies in the club's Cessna 175, to check out the cloud base and whilst only at 1200', he was right to conclude that another hour or so would see the start of the competition.

Capt Angel

 Day3 AerialDZ_copy
 Site of the European Championships 2015 - Erden, Montana, Bulgaria


15.50hrs: The first lifts have been called to the manifest, much to the relief of everyone. The Male Accuracy event is underway. The sun will shine on Montana!

19.15hrs: With ideal wind conditions we have now completed Round 1 in both Male and Female Accuracy and Junior Male and Female. The Juniors and Female competitors have been released until tomorrow.