8th European and 5th Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships: Day 4

Photos kindly provided by Tihomira Metodieva
Rambo the DZ cat finds another willing person to make a fuss of him!

Monday, 24 August 2015: Day 4: A beautiful blue and cloudless sky greeted us this morning and by 07.50hrs the sound of the Antonov AN-2's radial engine indicated that Round 2 of Male Accuracy had recommenced.


LIVE Results on this link


Yesterday's first round of Male Accuracy produced 19 dead centres from 64 jumpers amounting to a remarkable DC rate of 30%. This degree of precision stands to make it an exciting competition, in fact in Round 2, again there were another 19 dead centres - albeit not for the same competitors in the first round! At the conclusion of Round 2 we still had 8 competitors tying for 1st position. It's still early days yet - there are potentially another 8 rounds to complete.

The temperature is rising steadily, bringing with it a change in the canopy control conditions and as the day progresses, is likely to separate further the experienced from the not so experienced.  In fact by the end of Round 3 in Male Accuracy the Slovenian competitor, Senad Salkic, had three DCs to his name, putting him in sole first position. Just to stamp his mark further - he maintained his position at the end of Round 4, with yet another DC!

17.04hrs  We've certainly made up for lost time and so far we have achieved the following:

Male Accuracy  6 rounds completed
Female Accuracy  1 round completed
Jnr Male Accuracy  1 round compldeted
Jnr Female Accuracy  1 round completed
 Male Style  Not started
 Female Style  1.5 rounds completed
 Jnr Male Style  2 rounds completed
 Jnr Female Style  2 rounds completed

Senad Salkic continues to hold onto his lead with his 6th dead centre in a row, but is being pressed by Russia's Dmitri Maksimov, who apart from a 2cm 1st round, is echoing Senad's DCs like for like. In joint second position is Italy's Francesco Gullotti. With a further 4 rounds to complete, it's anyone's guess how things will pan out.