4th European CP Championships & 8th WC in CP, Farnham, 2015 - People working to make this happen

Martin Lemay Marylou and Buzz
Martin Lemay and Karine Provost Organisers

Richard "Buzz" Bennett, Meet Director and

Marylou Louchlin, FAI Controller

 BrianMichelle-Intime  Cindy Brown Course Trchnical Dirrector

Brian Cole & Michelle Matte-Stotyn -

InTime Scoring System and cspa

 Cyndi Brown Course Technical Director

Barb Davies Assistant to the Chief Judge

 Bjorn Chief Judge
Barb Davies - Assistant to the Cheif Judge  Bjorn Korth - Cheif Judge
GW Jury P  Jolene Brzezinski

Graeme Windsor President of the Jury with

Buzz Bennett and Marylou Laughlin

 Jolene Brzezinski - Event Judge - Distance

Ray Williams EJ

ZExi event judge
Ray Williams - Event Judge - Accuracy Dr. Rainer "Exi"  Hoenle Event Judge - Speed
Jury Training Judges

The Jury - Johannes Gritsch, James Hayhurst

Graeme Windsor, President

Training Judges, CJT Anders Berggren -Vera

Asquith, Rina Gallo, Randall Holmes, Jorana

Mihajlovic, Claude Otis, Neil McGrath, Korissa


Judges working

I never managed a photograph of all the

judges together - here they are working

at the scoring section, you will see them in

the course picutres:  Our Panel of Judges

was Bjorn Korth, Chief Judge, Ray Williams,

EJ-ZA, Jolene Bezrezinski, EJ Speed and

Dr. Rainer "Exi" Hoenle, EJ Distance: Judges,

Zeljko Tanaskovic, Julia Sotnikova, Carmen

Matadeu, Nicky Young, Bernard Nicholas

and Barbara Davies, Assistant to the CJ


 Martins feet

The end - Fish

 and amphibians