8th European and 5th Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships: Day 5

M-A 001
Male accuracy jumpers about to emplane one of the Antonov AN-2 aircraft

Tuesday 25 August 2015: Day 5  A later start to the day than yesterday, but with wall-to-wall sunshine, there's likely to be a comfortable pace of jumping today. They're proposing to start the day with Male Style but will undoubtedly mix in the other disciplines as the day progresses. The results and placings are published at the end of each round, which can be accessed via the link below.

LIVE Results on this link

Just on lunch time the winds had picked up sufficiently to warrant an accuracy stand-by, but being within limits to allow the style jumpers to continue. So far we've completed the first round of Male Style with three rounds completed for the Females. The juniors in both Male and Female Style have each completed 3 rounds, with 2 rounds each for Junior Accuracy. Meanwhile the Female Accuracy has just one round under its belt. 

It's proposed to cease jumping today at around 16.00hrs to allow everyone time to return to their respective hotels to get ready for tonight's Gala Dinner.

AniAngel Crash-n-burn
Ani & Angel Stamenov (Meet Director) Crash 'n burn!
Davide Weckbecker Style Monitor
Davide Lonardoni: Chief Inputter of Scores Competitors watching earlier Style rounds
Jury Montana Paramotor-1
Jury: Looking pretty 'armless!
John Smyth, Liam McNulty (Pres), Igor Van Aperen
 Paramotor preparing for take-off