4th European Canopy Piloting Championships & 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Farnham, Canada 23rd - 29th August 2015

Course with blue skies
Sunday 23rd, The Start of Official Practice

The skies are blue with white fluffy clouds, the sun is shining and the winds are low   and "fingers crossed" it remains like this for the whole week.  The Drop Zone is ready and the pond is set up.  At 8.30 "Buzz" Bennett, the Meet Director announced that the Course Technical Director, Cindy Brown had confirmed that all courses were set up and ready for use by all competitors for Official Practice..

Bulletin 2 is finally published on the FAI Site and is available on this link :  Bulletin 2

The final registration is 22 Nations and 80 competitors, although this will be finalised once everyone arrives. 

Final preparations are underway with the Organiser, Meet Director and FAI Controller (Marylou Laughlin) discussing and finalising to ensure a successful World Cup for the competitors.  The Mayor and Council of the local City, Farnham has arranged a welcome evening for tomorrow night, from 7, for everyone connected with the competition where there will be speeches, drinks and canapes.

As people arrive ready for the start of the judges conference tomorrow, as well as the Judge Training course, the normal weekend operation at the Drop Zone continues and the aircraft are kept busy.  The Twin Otter and the Twin Beech between them have a big enough lift capacity to keep everyone happy.  The practice jumps are going well for those competitors already here.  At the end of the day a couple of balloons took off from the end of the strip.

Twin Beach

Once the competition starts live results will be available on the following link : Live Dynamic Results

The results are provided by the InTime Scoring system and come complete with a good DZ display system which keeps public and jumpers aware and informed about the progress of the competition jump by jump.