4th European Canopy Piloting Championships & 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting,- 25th August 2015

Tuesday 25th August 2015

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CSPA Facebook Live Results from this Competition


So the last day to make sure everything is working fine - the Competitors' meeting is at 16.00 hrs this afternoon. 

Yesterday evening we were treated to a very nice reception by the local Mayor and council of Farnham, it was a low key relaxed occasion and gave everyone a chance to mix, chat and try some of the local beer.  The speeches were short and the Mayor, Joseph Husler, greeted the competitors in his native German, local French and English.  He said the town was very proud to host the first ever World Championships in Canada.  There was a huge "memorial book" there to be signed by all the competitors.

Martin  Mayor copy
Martin Lemay and the Mayor, Josef Husler


This morning the course was set up for speed and everyone had the opportunity to make a speed run - this also ensured that the scoring system, the judges and the sensors worked OK.  Fortunately the storm, thunder. lightning and torrential rain passed through during the night and this morning we had blue skies, broken clouds and the wind had dropped. 

After speed the course was switched to accuracy, by early afternoon the distance course was ready, but rain at altitude put us onto a weather hold.  By 14.00 hrs we were jumping again - both the zone accuracy and distance courses were available for use and the judges would be measuring distance.  

CB prepares sensorsCyndi Brown, Course Technical Director preparing the sensors.

The opening ceremony will take place at 18.00 hrs this evening.

The competitors' briefing took place at 16.00 hrs when the competitors were briefed by the Meet Director, the FAI Controller, the Organiser and the Chief Judge.  There were several questions raised regarding the rules governing this competition which are the 2014 Competition Rules as stated in the bulletins.  There was some discussion relating to the wind speed and direction and the Meet Director agreed that this would be discussed further by the Jury.  The Chief Judge had spoken with the Jury for clarification on certain points prior to this meeting, and the Jury's response is published in the Jury Notice No. 2.  Jury Notice No. 1 declares that there is no reason why the competition cannot start as planned.


18.00 hrs

All the competitors, judges and other officials family and friends gathered outside in the sunshine for a relaxed but formal opening ceremony.  The Canadian National Anthem was played, followed by speeches from the Meet Director,Buzz Bennett, the Organiser Martin Lemay who spoke about his wish to welcome all his friends from around the world to his home in Canada, and how happy he was to realise that wish.  A representative from the local Town of Farnham then welcomed competitors form 21 nations and said how proud the town was to host such an event. A representative from the Canadian Parachute Association, Michelle Matte-Stotyn then spoke on behalf of the National Association; finally Graeme Windsor, President of IPC then formally opened the competition and the FAI Glag was raised whilst the FAI Anthem played. 

FAI flag

Everyone was then invited into the Nouvelle Air building to see a different and charming video created by Karine Provost, and for the free beer donated by the Farnham Beer Company.