8th European and 5th Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships: Day 6

Chief-JudgeFAI Controller

Chief Judge: Ulf Tingert (L) and FAI Controller Günter Berendt (R) in deep discussion


Wednesday 26 August 2015: Day 6   To bring everyone up to date with the current situation of the Championships, so far we have scored and published the following rounds. 

LIVE Results on this link


Male Accuracy  6 rounds completed
Female Accuracy  4 rounds completed
Jnr Male Accuracy  3 rounds completed
Jnr Female Accuracy  3 rounds completed
 Male Style  3 rounds completed
 Female Style  3 rounds completed
 Jnr Male Style  2 rounds completed
 Jnr Female Style  3 rounds completed

With only 2 rounds of Freefall Style left to complete, it is anticipated that this discipline will conclude later today, with its medal ceremony being held this evening.

17.00hrs The Male Style event concluded just over 2 hours ago and having allowed for the requisite two hours period in which protests can be accepted, we can formally congratulate the European Champions as follows.

Name Nation Totals 
Gold Libor Jirousek CZE 31.64
Silver Jiri Gecnuk CZE 33.46
Bronze Elischa Weber GER 33.56



Once again Libor Jirousek (CZE) takes his place on the top of the podium, as he did in 2014 and 2013. In addition, he sets a new World Record of 31.64secs, beating his own previously set record in 2014 of 31.80secs. This claim will need to be ratified by the FAI to establish a new world record.

With just 1/10th (one tenth) of a second between Silver and Bronze, fellow compatriot Jiri Gecnuk took the Silver and Germany's Elischa Weber gets the Bronze. Last year's Silver Medallist Marco Pflueger was left to lick his wounds, for having turned the 2nd fastest series in this year's competition (5.98 secs), he lost his potential podium position by completing the wrong series in Round 4, so earning a maximum score of 16.

This afternoon we also concluded Round 7 in Male Accuracy and with many willing Slovenia’s Senad Selkic to extend his run of 6 DCs, it wasn’t to be. His 2cms score put him in joint first place with Dmitri Maksimov of Russia, who in turn, stamped out his 6th DC, thus mirroring their totals.