4th European Canopy Piloting Championships & 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Day 1

Wednesday 26th August 2015

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The Manifest Team - Nathalie and Virginie

7.15 am the aircraft takes off to confirm altitude below the clouds - all OK and Martin Lemay made the first jump of the day.  We are awaiting for confirmation that the course is ready and we will start the first competition jumps - with Speed.  

9.20 am - first round of speed completed.  10 min break to refuel and into round 2 - Speed.

10.30 as the clouds lift so does the wind, a little, but it is out of the west so all is fine.  There is a great atmosphere at the pond as each run is made and fellow competitors are there to acknowledge it. 

Ian Bobo congrats VE
Ian Bobo has a good run Missed entry gate
Cross checking scores Scoring station
Brian cross-checks scores with the EJ Jojo confirms a score before it is recorded

There was one cutaway on round one - jumper and canopy fine - and he will make his rejump during round 3.- First call for 1st lift round 3 at 11.25 am,

Gate 1 OK
Gate 1 - OK


The Meet Director announces that once the last two loads to complete Round 3 of Speed have landed, the decision is to switch to Distance.  There will be a short break whilst the course is set. 

"The best made plans of mice and men.." the winds went over the limits, just, and so round 3 ended with 3 rejumps, so they have now repacked and should be boarding in about 5 minutes and once they have jumped, hopefully without further problems, we will have completed three rounds of Speed.

13.20  The Meet Director confirms that the three rejumps have been made without incident and so the 3 rounds of Speed are complet.  Once the course readyness and the scoring system are ready also the first call will be made for the 1st round of Distance.  If possible and weather conditions permitting the Meet Director would also like to complete one round of Zone Accuracy today.

The FAI Controller had announced that she would be conducting totally random weight checks on competitors after their jump and these were started during round 3 of speed with no problems.

FAI controller with comp
The FAI Controller with a competitor

At 15.15 The ,meet director announces that at the end of round 1 of Distance there will be no more competative jumping today.  Another early start in the morning - 5.30 breakfast - 6.30 transport from the Hotel, 1st load at 7.30.  Dependant on the wind it will be either Distance or Zone Accuracy.

Last gatr Running counts
Making the last gate (Speed) Running counts