8th European and 5th Junior European Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships: Day 7


 Dramatic skies

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With the completion of the Freefall Style event for both seniors and juniors, the medal ceremony took place at the end of Day 6 on the DZ. The Champions in their respective categories are as follows:

Name Nation Totals 
Gold Libor Jirousek CZE 31.64
Silver Jiri Gecnuk CZE 33.46
Bronze Elischa Weber GER 33.56
Name Nation Totals 
Gold Lubov Ekshikeeva RUS 37.97
Silver Olga Kravchenko RUS 39.32
Bronze Natalia Zimina BLR 39.51
 Male Style European Champions  Female Style European Champions
Name Nation Totals 
Gold Anton Sayevich BLR 43.04
Silver Christoph Zahler GER 43.66
Bronze Sylvain Ferroni FRA 45.81
Name Nation Totals 
Gold Leocadie Ollivier de Pury FRA 40.11
Silver Ksenia Trofimova RUS 45.50
Bronze Darja Shastakovich BLR 48.88
 Junior Male Style European Champions  Junior Female Style European Champions


Following the change to the Competition Rules for Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing effective March 2015, the number of style rounds for juniors was increased to 5, from the original 3. This change automatically ensures that both the male and female champions in the junior style event become eligible to set both Continental and World records, subject to ratification by the FAI. 

The fine weather and high temperatures have brought about a phenonema of high winds around each lunchtime, so we are on stand-by to resume Round 8 of Female Accuracy once the winds abate. Round 8 in Male Accuracy concluded earlier which establishes the Team Accuracy results.

It is proposed that the semi-finals and final rounds will take place tomorrow.