4th European Canopy Piloting Championships & 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Day 3

Friday, 28th August 2015

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Video from the Opening Ceremony

Friday morning

7.00 hrs - 30 minute call - as the mist lifts and the day promises good weather we are set to go into the first round of Zone Accuracy.  The plan is 2 rounds of Zone Accuracy followed by 2 rounds of Distance to finish with the final Accuracy Round.  Going to be a busy and great day.

9.05 we start on Round 2 of Zone Accuracy - and the winds have stayed down - 11 competitors have been randomly selected for weighing after their jump with no problems.



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Pictures from the first round of Zpne Accuracy

 11.15  Round 2 of Distance is underway, and the winds are behaving (fingers crossed it continues like this all day).  Round 2 was completed by 12.20 and everyone was released until 15.00 hrs.

15.00  We are on standby until the winds drop, but the Meet Director is hopeful that we will jump again before the end of the day.

16.15 and it is all go again.  15 minute call for the 1 distance re-jump to complete round 2, and then into the 3rd round of Zone Accuracy.

At 17.15 the Meet Director announcefd that once competitors had made their 3rd round Distance event jump (providing they did not have a  re-jump) they were released until tomorrow morning.

Wheels off at 7.30 tomorrow morning for the last round of the Competition - 3rd round of Zone Accuracy - in reverse order of standings at the end of today.  This would be announced in the morning so all competitors to be on the Drop Zone at 7.00 a.m.