4th European Canopy Piloting Championships & 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Day 4

  Saturday 29th August

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CSPA Facebook Live Results from this Competition



The last day - and a beautiful clear morning, with low winds.  Everyone was here for 7.00 am this morning, and the Meet Director had worked out the reverse order of jumping and then the new load order was finalised.  So the first calls were made and the first load will be in the air at 8.00 a.m.  The last round of Distance,

13.00 The rueslts are official   Follow this link to the results tables

Congratulations to our medal winners.

Today's story:

9.30 am

The party's over - 9 rounds completed - a full event - and everyone has enjoyed a well organised and run competition.  The Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony will take place at the Hotel commencing at 18.00 hrs this evening. 


At 11.00 the final results were posted on the Official Noiceboard.

Cornelia's winning  flight

Cornelia on her 3rd run - ensuring 1st Place in Distance

the first Female FAI Gold medal winner in Canopy Piloting



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