4th European Canopy Piloting Championships & 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Medal Winners


Sunday 30th August 2015 - the day after


 The display of the beautiful and unique medals organised by NouvelAir for this competiton

Follow these links for more information/coverage/results from the competition:

CSPA Facebook Live Results from this Competition


Medal Winners - World Cup


WC Overall


Gold Medal Nicholas Batsch USA 836,476
Silver Medal Pablo Hernandez Mill
ESP 815.476
Bronze Medal Curtis Bartholomew
USA 803.324


WC speed WC Distance WC Accuracy

       Speed                                 Distance                              Accuracy

Gold Medal Nicholas Batsch USA 293.872 Cornelia Mihai UAE 268.584 Curtis Bartholomew USA 300.000
Silver Medal Justin Price USA 273.996 Nicholas Batsch USA 263.813 Mario Fattoruso  ITA 294.958
Bronze Medal Grerg Windmiller USA 270.899 Greg Windmiller USA 258.623 Pablo Hernandez Moll  ESP 294.791


 Medal Winners - European Championships


overasll EC


Gold Medal Pablo Hernandez Moll
Esp 872.381
Silver Medal Mario Fattoruso
ITA 796.596
Bronze Medal Cedric Veiga Rios
FRA 744,320




EC Speed_copy EC Distance Accuracy EC

Speed                                 Distance                                Accuracy

Gold Medal Pablo Hernandez Moll ESP 284.433 Pablo Hernandez Moll ESP 293.157 Mario Fattoruso ITA 294.958
Silver Medal Wes Wesrley GBR 264.407 Mario Fattoruso ITA 275.535 Pablo Harnandez Moll ESP 294.791
Bronze Medal Cedric Veiga Rios FRA 263.495 Markus Scheuermann GER 270.499 Guillaume Bernier FRA 278.791


Dropbox finally sorted out their problems and I have been able to post pictures of yesterday evening' s award ceremony, which took place at the Hotel prior to the closing ceremony and banquet.    Our "friendly" Meet Director, Buzz Bennett changed his hat and became the Master of Ceremonies, still with good humour. 

The medals were presented by Virginie (who has run an excellent and friendly manifest throughout the competition) Karine Provost - one of our organisers and creator of the super Opening Ceremony video, Michel Lemay, co-owner of the Drop Zone, pilot and father of the Organiser, Sheila Sharman, suporter and mother of one of the competitors,  Michelle Matte-Stotyn, CSPA, Mary Anne Stevens, Vice-President of the FAI and Graeme Windsor our President.

 The USA dominated the podiums for the World Cup apart from Cornelai Mihai, UAE - the first Gold Medal win by a female, proving this discipline is not gender dependant, and Pablo Hernandez Moll, Spain - who personally dominated the European medal tables, and Italy was on the podium for the first time.  In the European Championships GB was also on the podium for the first time at a CP First Category Event, and although France and Germany have been there before, this time it was with new competitors..  Congratulations to all those competitors - notably Curtis Bartholomew for his perfect score of 300.00 in Zone Accuracy.

The flags were raised behind the medal winners, mounted on blade arms, and worked well.  So typical of the organisation throughtout the competition, inventive, helpful, fast thinking and producing what is needed.  A huge vote of thanks was given by the officials and competitors to the Organiser - Martin Lemay and many said how they were looking forward to returning to Farnham next year for the World Championships.  After the formal closure of the Championships and lowering of the FAI Flag there was a banquet with music to dance to followed by a stunning display/concert by a Drumming Band - which woke the place up and had most people dancing.


My personal thanks to InTime for their scoring system, providing us with fast updated scores and for their team on the ground here, Brian and Mitchelle and to my colleague Fay Kimble who still kept an eye on what was going on here, even though she was reporting in Montana, Bulgaria at the European Championships there.

Finalyl - Thank you Farnham, we shall be back next year.