1st FAI WISC, Prague, Czech Republic, 21-24 October 2015 - Final Day

Saturday 24th October - Last day

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Dynamic Results on this link

Dynamic duo

17.05 hrs  The first FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships has concluded - with regard to the flying and judging - now the party can really begin.

4-Way Dynamic finished with France the winners and World Champions,  the Czech Republic win the Silver Medal and UAE the Bronze.  This after an amazing last tournament which was a tie, so the teams for first place flew again - this time the French were 0.075 secs faster than the Czech team on the speed round to break the tie.  An outstanding end to an outstanding competition.

The last round in the senior Freestyle event has been judged and we have a very close finish between all three top teams :  The Gold Medal goes to Finland our new World Champions with 61.0 points, Silver to Norway with 59.9 and Bronze to Russia with 59.5.  Congratulations.  In the Junior event the Title of World Champion and Gold Medal went to Poland 1 with a breathtaking performance throughout the competition with a total of 61.6 points, second was Poland 2 with 55.5 points and third place to France with 50.9 points. 

Congratulations to all the Medal Winners both in the Formation Skydiving and the Artistics Events
plus all the competitors who made this possible.

16.15 hrs

Dynamic 2-Way has completed and we have our first World Champions :  Switzerland 1 take the title and the Gold Medal - Silver Medal goes to Great Britain and the Bronze to U.S.A.   The final of the 4-way Dynamic is now flying.

AE judges discussing Dynamics judging in the crowd Dynasmic scoring-judging live

Chief Judge Ron Miasnikov with
Chris Dixon and Andrew Sutton

Chris Dixon hidden in the crowd
Live judging

Adam Masttacola Event Judge with
Tamara Kyon and Joel Strickland


15.51 hrs  The Artistic Events continue.  Freestyle has one round to be judged for the Seniors - after six rounds the placings are Finland 52.4, Norway 52.3 and Russia 50.4.  The Junior Freestyle is waiting for their last two rounds to be judged (compulsory and 1 free).  So to round 6 without the scores for 5 the positions are unchanged at Poland 1 and 2 and France 2 in third position.   They are still flying the Dynamic Tournament in the Tunnel and the Artistic Judges are fully occupied.

15.30 hrs

The competition for Formation Skydiving is over, there were no surprises in the 4-Way Open Event - this was dominated throughout by the Belgium team who are the 1st Indoor Skydiving World Champions in this event with a total score over 10 rounds of 311, averaging 31.1 per round.  Russia came second and take the Silver Medal with a total of 281 points, average 28.1 and France secured the Bronze Medal beating Qatar by two points - France 262, average of 26.2 with Qatar narrowly out of the medals with 260 points total.  Congratulations to all the Medal Winners and thank you for a good competition.



We now have the results from the VFS final round andFrance are the 1st World Champions in VFS Indoor Skydiving.  They took the last round by one point fromt he Russians, who flew the same number of points but received a bust for an incomplete formation, so they will receive the Silver Medal tonight and Poland will collect a well earned Bronze Medal.   The final points over 8 rounds were France 199, Russia 198 and Poland 176.

The 4-Way Open event is being judged at this moment - we will have that result shortly.


14.00 hrs

The first event of the First Indoor Skydiving World Championships is completed - Formation Skydiving 4-Way Female  Our First World Champions are the USA who scored a total of 294 points over 10 rounds giving them an average of 29.4.  The French team is in Silver Medal position with 252, average 25.2 and the Great Britain team collect the Bronze Medal with 225 points giving them an average of 22.5.  The Medals will be awarded at the Awards and Closing Ceremony later this evening.

Congratulations to our first Medal Winners.

Event Judge briefs team Wolfgangs panel judging 

Event Judge Pekka Salmela briefs his
panel prior to the last round

Event Judge Wolfgang Dullerand, Chief Judge
Rina Gallo with the other judging team - final round


12.12 pm

In Formation Skydiving - VFS - not to be outdone by the Dynamic part of Artistic Events   - the excitement also mounts:  at the end of the VFS semi-final round we have a TIE FOR FIRST PLACE between RUSSIA who have led all meet and FRANCE  both on 177 points with Poland on 158 and UAE are 3 points behind.  After the semi-final in 4-Way Open there were no surprises and Belgium have 281 points - 30 points more than the second team Russia with 251 and France in third have 236, only one point ahead of Qatar on 235 - the positions between them have switched throughout the 9 rounds - the 10th will be a test of nerves for all.

The Tournament continues in the Dynamic event with teams flying against each other and after each flight the scores are given and the winner declared, with a boxing-match type announcement in the tunnel with an official raising the hand of the winner (team).  It is great for the audience which is why there are viewing screens all over the tunnel rooms and in the competitors' area over the road, there is certainly no room on the actual tunnel viewing seats!

10.30 am

The semi-final round for FS Female 4-way has flown and been judged, 6 teams go through to the Final.  USA remain in first place with 265 points - not too far behind Belgium in the Open 4-Way!  France is second with 225 and Great Britain 3rd with 203 - they will be joined in the final by Czech Republic, Belgium and Poland.  VFS round 6 is being judged at the moment, and then the 4-Way Open Semi-Final will be judged. 

Meanwhile the Dynamic continues with much excitement, the viewing area in the tunnel is packed with people and the landing outside also.  Everyone wants to watch the final rounds.  By 10.50 for Round 6 of VFS, judging was completed.  Russia on 157;  France on 153 : Poland 137 with the UAE 3 points behind on 134 with two rounds to go.

9.02 am

Things are speeding up now that everyone has got into the system and rhythm of the competition.  VFS have just finished their 5th round with Russia still leading on 120 points, France close behind on 118 and then a gap to the battle for 3rd place between Poland on 105 and UAE on 104.  There will be no cut after the next round,  for the semi-final round as there are 10 teams competing.  Currently the Artistic Events Freestyle round 5 is flying, this is the second of their Compulsory rounds.

8.45 am

Round 8 of FS 4-Way Open and Female have jumped and been scored:  Female, the order remains the same USA 241, France 204 and Great Britain 185.  In the Open event Belgium 252, Russia 225 and Qatar 214 - with France on 213.  South Africa made the cut with 166 total, they took a bust in this round but so did Denmark in 11th so they finish the competition on 163, having also taken a bust.  VFS is in the tunnel at the moment and then we continue into the semi-final round, when they will fly in reverse order.

7.00 am

The first of the FS 4-Way open teams are in the tunnel jumping round 8.  Last night's Dynamic flying Pool results are now posted under the above link, but should give us a very interesting tournament later today. 

Dynamic 2-Way Pools

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
1 Czech Rep. 1 Czech Rep 2 France Switzerland 1
2 Spain Australia Russia Finland
3 Great Britain Norway U.S.A. Poland 2
4 Poland 1 Netherlands Switzerland 2 Hungary


Dynamic 4-Way Pool results:

Pool A Pool B
1 Czech Rep. 2 France
2 U.A.E. Norway
3 Czech Rep. 1 Finland
4 Russia