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34th FAI Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing World Championships

Accuracy Landing - Female

Esther Reynolds



Accuracy Landing - Male

Steven Hastings

Nicholas Johnston

Janos Leszko

Peter Sizer

Carl Williams

22nd FAI Formation Skydiving World Championships

4-Way Female

 Ane Brentford

Anna Hicks 

Vana Parker 

Simon Brentford  

Maria Russell  

Audrey Rowe

4-Way Open

Pete Allum 

John McIver

Ian Milko Hodgkinson 

 Julia Swallow

 Gary Wainwright



 Rosalind Ayling

Chris Cook 

 Martin Cressey

Jonny Flowers 

Phil Hartree 

 Dennis Parker

Andy Pook 

Audrey Rowe 

Martin Soulsby 


 Sarah Boyd

 Tim Gaines

Daniel Guest 

 Gregory Lucas

 Martin Roberson

17th Canopy Formation World Championships

2-Way Sequential

 Matt Kite (T 1)

 Jason Hobbs (T 1)

 Gareth Hughes (T 1)

Darren Greenway (T 2)

Greg Taylor   (T 2)

Peter Thornton (T 2)

11th FAI Artistic Events World Championships

Freestyle Skydiving

 Adam Dare (T 1)

Joel Strickland (T 1)

 Benjamin Smith (T 2)

Emma Hart (T 2)


Paul Capsey (T 1)

 Dave Pacey (T 1)

Sean Freeman (T 1)

Steve Howes  (T 2)

Adam Dare (T 2)

Joel Strickland  (T 2)

1st FAI Speed Skydiving World Championships

Paul Bantock

Barrie Bremner 

Charles Hurd 

Michael Lovemore

 James Parker

 Jason Bird

Delegation Officials



John Smyth  Head of Delegation
 Craig Poxon  Team Manager

Ian Marshall

Team Manager

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