6th World Canopy Piloting Championships, Farnham, Canada, Day 3




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Wednesday, 24th August 2016

Andrew Woolfe rejump end of round 1

Andrew makes his re-jump - the end of Round 1 Speed.

17.45   Finally the conditions are OK and Andrew Woolf received his 15 minute call.  He will be jumping the Twin Beech. 

17.15   Buzz has now released everyone EXCEPT Andrew Woolf for the day.  The winds are not low enough yet, and any later there will not be time to complete a round before we loose the light.  So RELEASED until tomorrow - wheels off at 7.00 so breakfast 5.30 at the hotel, bus leaves at 6.00.  Meanwhile Andrew, Judges, Jury the Course designer and the Organiser,  remain at  Nouvel Air, Farnham watching the wind.

16.30   Stand By - it is definately improving, we shall see if it is enough to at least get the re-jump done.

14.30   Buzz's latest announcement is that everyone except those engaged in other activities and Andrew Woolfe are released until 16.30.

13.00   Our "friendly" Meet Director put everyone on STAND BY and we are here for the duration.  The hope is the wind will drop at the end of the day, and at least we will get the re-jump done.  The Speed course can then be taken down, ready to go with Distance or Accuracy, depending on the conditions.

8.00     The Meet Director then asked everyone to Stand By for an announcelemt at 9.30.  When it came it was a RELEASE until 13.00.

7.00     Wheels off and continue with the rejumps from yesterday and then the completion of round 1 Speed - great, even though the winds were still from the south, and over the trees, they were below limits for the completion of the round.   The intention had been to then move directly to a second round of Speed but by 8.00 the Meet Director in conjunction with the Chief Judge stopped jumping.  Unfortunately we have one re-jump (technical fault) to do to actually complete the round.


Got it wrong Making the exit gate
Got that wrong! Making the exit gate