6th World Canopy Piloting Championships, Farnham, Canada, Day 4

Windly morning


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D a y  4 

Thursday, 25th August 2016

17.05   Wheels off for the first round of Accuracy - amazing, no winds, high cloud, lovely conditions. By using the two aircraft it should be possible to complete one round of Accuracy, and then one of Distance.

Unfortunately we had an accident on the accuracy course and had to wave off several competitors as the medical team dealt with it and the jumper was taken to hospital. We were then able to continue with the Accuracy and complete the round.

At 18.30 we then went into the first round of Distance. Just before 19.00 we had another accident and had to close the course, at 19.10 the Meet Director had called the meet for the day, the aircraft landed.  We would have had to stop at 19.30 anyway.  Another early start in the morning, wheels off at 7.00.

15.00   Now it is raining!  so we are all on STAND BY whilst this weather system moves through. 

13.00   Conditions have not improved, but given one and a half days to complete the competition, our  friendly Meet Director has only extended the RELEASE until 15.00 hrs.  Meanwhile whilst it has not been that busy for the competitors our Jury has been kept busy.   Click on the following links to read their decisions.

Request from the CJ

Jury Decision No. 1
Jury Decision No. 2
Protest 1 Jury Decision No. 3
Jury Decision No. 4

7.00  A sadly familiar sight, winds from the south and above limits.  We tried, everyone was here for a 7.00 wheels off but we were not as lucky as we had been yesterday.  Buzz explained to the competitors that we had to try.  Everyone is RELEASED until 13.00, but he confirmed a notice would be sent to the Hotel at 12.15 confirming the situation for the afternoon.

Yesterday, when everyone was brought back to the DZ for 13.00 it was due to the fact that the Drug Testing Organiser, appointed by the FAI, was to be here at 13.00 and needed all competitors on site so he could make his random selection of 4 competitors for testing.  Fortunately having jumped the first round in the morning he was able to make a selection, and he chose the top 3 plus a random competitor from the remaining top 10.  All went smoothly and it will be 5 weeks before the results are known.  The whole thing had to be kept Top Secret and only the FAI Controller had been informed, with a list of what was required.  Today is different.