6th World Canopy Piloting Championships, Farnham, Canada, Prizegiving

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Friday, 26th August 2016

Despite the disappointment of not completing the meet, everyone gathered on the Terrasse at the Hotel for drinks before dinner, to celebrate the life of Gage Galle.  Dressed in Hawaiian Shirts with tiger stripes in their hair there was a great atmosphere to take with us to the actual closing banquet and prizegiving.

The prizegiving was one of the shortest I have ever attended, with no overall World Champion - however we did have two events and were able to award medals and World Champion status in those.  Speed was simple, but Accuracy, after only one round, had many ties and so we have Joint World Champions, and four Bronze Medal winners.

Buzz Bennett, our friendly meet director, acted as the master of ceremonies, and asked Mrs. Galle to present the medals for Speed. 

Greg Silver Speed Bobo Gold Speed Cornerlia Broze Speed
Gred Windmiller - USA Christopher Ian Bobo - USA Cornelai Mahai - UAE
Silver Medal World Champion - Speed - Gold Medal Bronze Medal
   Speed podium
Mrs. Galle presents medals
Richard "Buzz" Bennett, Mrs. Galle, Marylou McLaughlin

We then moved to the presentation of the medals in Accuracy.  Each medal winner was called to the podium and awarded their medal as their flag as raised individually - at the end they stood on the podium together for a photocall.

Julien Guiho F - Bronze Ryhs Kempen Bronze Accurary Abdulbari Qubaisi - UAE- Bronze Ian Bobo - Bronze - USA - Accuracy
Julien Guiho - France Rhys Kempen - New Zealand Abdulbari Qubaisi - UAE Christopher Ian Bobo - USAJ
Joint Bronze Medal Winners
 Eric Philippe - Gold - Accuracy - France copy  Bobo Gold Speed
Eric Philippe - France - Gold Medal Christopher Ian Bob -USA - Gold Medal
Joint World Champion - Accuracy Joint World Champion - Accuracy
Accuracy podium

After the dinner we were treated to two video presentations, one a compilation of video clips put together by SkyDive TV, and the other of stills, to celebrate the life of Gage Galle.  Very moving, but his smile made it joyful as well.

After the prizegiving Dr. Rainer "Exi" Hoenle formally thanked everyone for their part in making the competition as successful as was possible, given the weather conditions, and announced that the Jury had confirmed the results and that the organisation had met their obligations and he could close the competition.  So the FAI flag was lowered, and the party began.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes; manifest, pilots, judges, course construction and work, drivers, canteen, and all the organiser's staff, for making us so welcome.

The Jury issued their 5th Report and the Final Report which officially ends the competition.