Mondial - Day 1 of Competition

French CF 4-way
 Our new World Record Holders - France CF 4-way Rotations - C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S



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D a y  1 - 12 September 2016 

Our Media Partners - Skydive-TV have put together a superb video from their Opening Ceremony transmission which you will find at the foot of the page.

18.45   Formation Skydiving will complete three rounds in VFS and 4-Way Female by the end of today and the competition is really hotting up in VFS - at the end of three rounds USA is leading, with Canada in second place one point ahead of France in third;  two rounds of both 4-Way Open and 8-Way are done.

17.50   Manifest have announced that they intend to do one more round of Formation Skydiving 4-Way Female tonight - everyone else is released for the day. 

Artistic Events  have completed the judging of one round of Freefly and will have completed one round of Freestyle Skydiving by the end of this evening.

By the end of today there will have been at total of 70 aircraft loads.  That is a lot of skydiving.

17.30   Belarus CF 4-way Rotation Team missed their calls for their Round 1 jump and were given a 0 score.  The filed a protest in the proper manner, and after consideration and talking to the Chief Judge, the Manifest, the Meet Director and the FAI Controller the Jury accepted the protest and granted the team the opportunity to make their Round 1 jump.

15.00   We have the first World Record of the Championships.  Canopy Formation 4-Way Rotations - France turned 23 points, and this is the first round of the competition.  With the USA and Russia both turning 22 points - equalling the current World Record, I think we are in for a very exciting competition.

Speed have also completed their first round and the amazing Skydive Chicago machine is eating this competition. 

12.00   Accuracy has been called for the day - 1st  round complete but part way through the 2nd the winds were over the limits and so it was called for the day.  We have also completed the first round of Female Style, both Senior and Junior.  Canopy Formation have jumped one round of 4-Way Sequential, and the Formation Skydiving VFS teams have completed 2 rounds - here there is already a good competition between USA and France with Canada sitting on their heels.  Formation Skydiving 4-Way Open and Female is now jumping.


It is a beautiful morning today and by 7.30 one round of VFS was completed, accuracy and style were both underway.  Skydive-tv did their live broadcast at 9.00 and interviewed Gillian Rayner, FAI Executive Officer and Dr. Rainer Hoenle, IPC President.    Here is the recorded version:


DZ TV audience

Teams watching the DZ TV in the hangar. 

Canopy Formations  Following a request from the Teams, via the Chief Judge, the Jury agreed that a lower exit speed be used i.e. in Bulletin 2 it is given at 85-90 knots and this is now reduced to 70-75 knots.  A copy of the Jury notice is posted on this site.

Formation Skydiving  The Dive sheets for 4 and 8 way and VFS:

Round Draw 4 and 8 way Round VFS
1 12 - A - 16 1 L - 15 - 7
2 18 - 15 - O 2 6 - D - 3
3 1 - F - E - C 3 16 - B - 8
4 17 - B - 14 4 K - G - 12 - I
5 10 - 2 - 20 5 N - 14 - E - M
6 21 - 11 - G 6 J - 2 - 1
7 J - 5 - 19 7 H - 10 - F - 17
8 L - M - K - 7 8 C - A -11 - 13
9 D - 8 - 14 JO 9 - 5 - 4
10 3 - 13 - Q
JO 9 - H - 22

This competition would be much more difficult, if not improssible, without the hard work done by those responsible for the Scoring Systems used here.  Ted Wagner and his father Roy are here to work the OmniSkoreHD system, which is used to judge, Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation, Artistic Events and Style and producing the results for these disciplines and Accuracy.  The Accuracy equipment and scoring system is produced by Andy Houston of Texair.  Speed have their own scoring system using the Protecs.


the Wagners Andy Houston 1
Ted and Roy Wagner Andy Houston