Mondial - Day 2 of Competition

AUS accuracy

Australia - Accuracy Team - our previous President, Graeme Windsor enjoying the Mondial



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D a y  2 - 13 September 2016 

17.20  Canopy Formation   By 16.20 2 rounds of 2-Way Sequential had been completed -  France 1 and 2 in 1st and 2nd place with Russia in thirdThe 3rd round is being judged now.   Round 1 of 4-way Sequential has also jumped and been judged.  Qatar is tying with France in 1st position with 12 points with Russia 3rd on 9.  Again it is a close contest.

The plan for the rest of today is to complete Formation Skydiving VFS with rounds 7 and 8, so by the end of this evening it will be possible to announce the new Formation Skydiving VFS 4-Way World Champions.  As usual, you can watch the judging live on Skydive-TV

15.00  Formation Skydiving 4-Way Open Round 3 has been judged, the current World Champions Belgium are establishing a good lead, now at 84 points with a 9 point lead over the USA, Russia next and France and Qatar tying for 4th place.   Formation Skydiving 4-Way Female after round 4 France and the USA are both on 92 points!  Great Britain 3rd with 72 and Canada 68.


This is what you call DZ TV

Skydive-TV are making history today - the first time OmniSkore DZTV live judging has been streamed over the live feeds from their studio here.   You can watch as it is happening here in Chicago.

4-way Female interview with Skydive-TV

Beau of Skydive-TV enjoying interviewing the USA FS 4- Way Female team


12.30  We have the results from the 2 rounds of Artistics EventsFreeflying has the two French teams in 1st and 2nd place with Slovakia in 3rd  and Freestyle has Russia 1 followed by USA 1 and France 2 -  1/10th of a  point behind.

The competition goes fast for Formation Skydiving VFS, round 6 has now been jumped and judged.  The USA have an 11 point lead over the French team with Canada one point behind them - so still a lot rests on the final two rounds. More records are being set, with Australia scoring 24 points in this Round, setting not only a National record but Continental and Asiana too.

11.30  After round 5 in Formation Skydiving 8-Way the French have pulled away from Russia but remain 23 points behind the USA.   The first round of Canopy Formation, 2-Way Sequential has the two French teams in 1st and 2nd place with Russia and Qatar in 3rd and 4th place, 1 point apart.  We are still waiting for the first round scores from Artistic Events.  The judges finally left the DZ on the last bus last night (9.30) with a few jumps left to judge and are currently finishing the round.  Artistic Events judging will speed up from the end of the first round.

Canadian 4-way Female

The Canadian FS 4-Way Female team Dirt Diving in the Hangar

7.00    Another beautiful morning so an early start for Canopy Formations 2-Way Sequential, Formation Skydiving 8-Way, and  Male Style.  

I apologise for the problems we are experiencing with our results site:  These are available on OmniSkore HD and the Mondial site  and Speed.

Yesterday Speed Skydiving competitors made two runs.  As a result two new members were added to the 500 Club - Charles Hurd (GBR) and Henrik Raimer (SWE) - bringing the total number of members to 9 amazing Speed competitors.

Accuracy is currently on Standby - once the first load exited the aircraft it was obvious the upper winds were over the limits, so Accuracy was put on hold for the moment.

Meanwhile results are coming in fast in Formation Skydiving.  After 3 rounds of 8-way the USA is pulling well ahead with 82 points from France and Russia tied in second on 67.  In VFS after 4 rounds the USA holds onto its lead with 78 points, Canada in second with 73 and France 3rd on 70, 4 more rounds to go. Round 3 also saw the Qatar team achieve a National Record with their 20 point score. Congratulations!



Thanks to Chuck Akers (of the USA Executive Board) my colleague, Fay Kimble for the photographs that are appearing, along with mine, on this site during the Mondial.